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Tea Party Watchdog Training Program


Creating a Bill Watch List

If you are looking to track and follow certain bills, please perform the following steps:

  • Place the cursor over [MyTLO] on the TLO toolbar and a drop down menu will appear.  Select [Bill Lists].
Bill Watchlist

  • Enter in a Bill that you wish to follow, add a description that makes sense to you and select [Create].
Bill Watchlist Search

  • Repeat process and Add/Delete bills from list.  As you can see you may edit your list once you have created it.  You may insert new bills into your list and arrange them to whatever order suits you.
Texas House Voter ID Bills

  • Create as many Bill Lists as you like.  It is recommended that you create multiple bill lists specific to individual subjects (e.g., Voter ID, Conceal Carry, Anti-Abortion, etc.).
Voter ID bills in the Texas House

Tea Party Watchdog Training Program