The West Will Never Defeat Islam . . . Unless


The West Will Never Defeat Islam . . . Unless


Taqiyya – Islamic justification for lying to infidels
Hijrah – Islamic term for invasion by migration
Jihad – Religious war of domination
Fatwa – A call from an Islamic scholar to all citizens of Islam to kill a specific, named person because of some perceived slight to Islam.

These are but a few of terms unique to Islam.  Does your religion have a specific vocabulary for acceptable acts of treachery?  Mine doesn’t.  In fact it discourages treachery, murder and theft.  You have to ask yourself, “Is Islam really a religion?”  No, you really have to ask yourself this because the answer determines the future for all of us and our children for generations.

Islam is on just about everyone’s list of the world’s 5 great religions. But to make such a list, you must have a solid concept of what a religion is. So what does the dictionary say about this?
Miriam Webster on-line was my first choice, but the definition was incomprehensible to everyone I showed it to.  The Oxford dictionary was, although thin, a little more accurate.

mass noun
• 1The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

The following was taken from the “web” and is otherwise unattributed.

a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.

This definition is perhaps an improvement, but I think we might have better luck just making a list of attributes we usually ascribe to religion.  I offer the following as a working but incomplete list:

1. A belief system more or less embraced by a group of adherents and shared with converts.
2. Concerned with the supernatural as a means of explaining the natural.
3. Usually associated with a supernatural spirit(s), an icon, a text, and a specific narrative.
4. Membership is by mutual consent, conversion is by persuasion and funding voluntary.
5. Provides moral guidance, shared values and usually a concept of an afterlife.
6. Often includes rituals and/or practices for daily life and special observances.

There are, of course, groups which have few of the above attributes, but still call themselves a religion in hopes of cashing in on the perks and exemptions of religious institutions.  An example of this from the 1980’s was the Church of the God Almighty Dollar headed by Rev. Buck Naked, out of Dallas.  There are also groups which embrace many of these attributes, but because they also contain additional attributes, belong to another class entirely.  An example of this would be a cult.

The distinguishing characteristic of a cult is the involuntary nature of membership.  Often times converts are persuaded to join only to find out later their attempts to leave are countered with forceful detention and punishment. Scientology and various polygamous sects of LDS fall under this category.  They are cults, not religions.  Actress, Leah Remini is in the second season of Scientology and the Aftermath, a series cataloging the abuses and cult aspects of Scientology.  Considering the forceful detention, the physical and psychological punishment associated with Islam; many consider it to be a cult and not a religion.  But I would contend that there are further distinctions in Islam which make it something far worse than a cult.

Consider what we know about imperialistic political movements.  For a modern reference, consider the attributes of communism and fascism.  Again a list will be helpful.

1. Conquest of territory and subjugation of the populace.
2. The imposition of law for all persons within a given territorial jurisdiction regardless of faith, political affiliation or national origin.
3. Judicial penalties based on legal code (ex. Sharia) are imposed on the entire populace.
4. The assumption of taxing authority over the populace.
5. The assumption of control over infrastructure within a specific geographic location.

All of the above can be found in Islamic aggressions around the globe.  Add to this list: genocide, torture, human trafficking and a strange affection for vigilantism and Islam presents itself to be a particularly virulent strain of imperialism.  In hundreds of years, since the end of the Dark Ages, I know of no other ‘religion’ which conducts itself in this manner.

There are reasons some western countries, the US in particular, gives a preferential status to religions.  Religions are generally a source of moral guidance and encourage good behavior on the part of their adherents.  We know this is true on a gut level even though there is an effort to train this reaction out of us.  For proof I ask the honest reader to consider the following scenario offered by radio host Dennis Prager:

“You are walking down a poorly lit city street in an unfamiliar neighborhood.  A group of loud young men, all apparently Middle Eastern and speaking in a foreign language, exit a stone building you happen to be passing, fall in behind you and match your now quickening pace.  As you round the corner and go by the main entrance to the building you notice a sign which reads, “Welcome, Coptic Christian men’s Bible study 6-7PM.  Use side entrance please.”  The time is 7:05.  You glance back and notice a number of the men are carrying Bibles.  Do you now feel less anxious?”

Had the sign read, “Jihad training class,” I expect your reaction would be quite different.  And, so it should be.  It makes no sense that our governments should act as if they are less informed.  Some will make a plea that most Muslims are not like that.  But this assumes that we have the capability of making a distinction between ‘good’ Muslims and their terrorist friends.  I ask you, what in our modern experience supports this contention?  Study after study and poll after poll in Muslim majority countries has shown most Muslims support violent jihad.  In truth, there is little discernible distinction between ‘moderate’ and ‘radicalized’ Muslims.  Even in countries where Muslims are small minorities, significant numbers support violent jihad and these numbers increase exponentially as the percentage of Muslims in a given population increases.  This leads many to conclude that Taqiyya may be in play here.  If Islam were truly a ‘religion of peace’ would not an Islamic extremist be extremely peaceful.  As the Christian becomes more “Christ-like” he becomes more peaceful.  Christ was known as a peace maker.  As a Muslim becomes more like Muhammad, he becomes more violent.  This makes sense as Muhammad was known as a terrorist in his day.


We have learned historically that the longer we ignore an imperialistic nation state, the greater the threat becomes and the more blood and treasure will be required to defeat it.  We also know that, on an existential level, the defeat of imperialistic nation states is necessary for the survival of Western values such as Life, Liberty and Property.  Consider this.  Before WW II, Germans had an opportunity to reject Hitler.  But through election and utilizing the internal workings of the country’s political structure, Hitler rose to power in 1933.  Had the German people rejected NAZI philosophy and Adolf Hitler early on, a lot of lives could have been saved.  World history could have been much rosier.  But because Germans on the inside, with much easier access to the workings of German power, failed to act appropriately, external forces had to correct this growing world menace.  Although ultimately successful, external forces had limited access to effect these changes.  War was a sad necessity.  Similarly, Muslims are responsible for the necessary internal changes to Islam.  Without this action, external forces will have to take on the correction and it will be as bloody and inarticulate as WW II.


Religions as we understand them do not take and hold territory or assume jurisdiction of people not of their faith.  I live in rural East Texas.  Both to my north and south, within two tenths of a mile of each other, are two Baptist churches.  There are only two houses between these two churches, mine being one.  Representatives of other non Baptist churches occasionally visit my home.  I have seen no indication the Baptist churches feel that their territory has been invaded.  Religions do not have these attitudes and do not behave this way.  Yet entire Muslim nations are Sunni or Shiite or Wahabi.  Where there is a mix of Muslim sects, there is often violence.  When was the last time a Baptist Church shot up a Methodist Church or a Pentecostal Church fire bombed an LDS Church.  This is not the behavior we expect of a religion.  If the expectation for Islam is different, it must be because it is different from what we know a religion to be.


To maintain world peace, the genocidal imperialistic aspect of Islam must be defeated either internally or externally. We have seen little effort on the part of Muslims to effect this change.  The day is soon coming when the Western world will have to take on this task.  However, the West will never defeat Islam as long as it is treated as a religion. Any honest analysis of Islam must conclude its major activities distinguish it as a political force, with political ambitions focused on earthly conquest, not salvation in the hereafter.  A wedge must be driven between political Islam and any Muslim interested exclusively in personal religious expression.  To do this, the dire consequences of adherence to political Islam must be made apparent and very unattractive.  Once we have forced a distinction between political Islam and peaceful religious practitioners, Muslims can choose sides.  The ambiguous nature of Islam’s duality creates an intolerable fog which is profoundly dangerous and must not be allowed.


How is such a difficult distinction made?  Islam must abandon its warlike vocabulary partially catalogued at the beginning of this article.  They must embrace, not merely submit to, the Western values of countries they move to. Until they can be properly sorted out, there must be a Muslim ban on persons seeking to live in Western countries. We must honestly accept the concept of a Muslim Ban the duration of which is determined by progress in the Muslim world.  Practices which are antithetical to Western culture, the treatment of women and minorities, corporal and capital punishment by theocratic institutions, religious law and numerous other practices must be abandoned before we can accept migration from any Islamic country.  For those fleeing persecution, safe spaces can be set up overseas. These should be set up as models of democratic, capitalistic societies and trade encouraged between them and other free countries.  They must be quickly made self sustaining, not wards of Western governments.  Programs like the ones instituted in post war Germany and Japan can be used as models.


To some these suggestions will seem draconian, but we must understand our current situation and our trajectory. Consider the following:
ENGLAND – The current Muslim population in England represents a little over 5% of the population overall and is growing by 75% each decade.  Over 50% are foreign born.  Recent history shows that England experiences a major attack by Islamists every month.  MI-6 reports that there are 23,000 known jihadist currently living in country and that they have resources to track 3,000.  This means that on any given day 20,000 roam the country unsupervised. Over 400 are known to have recently returned from the fighting in Syria.  Because of the British aversion to guns, only 5% of England’s 120,000 policemen are trained in the use of firearms.  You may remember the 2013 incident where a jihadi decapitated a police officer in the streets in broad daylight and asked passersby to video the event. Recent events have shown British police, armed with nothing but a whistle and a baton, fleeing from Islamic attackers just like the little girls they are hired to protect.  Considering how purposefully unprepared they are, it is hard to blame them.  Estimates are that most European countries will be of Muslim majority by 2050.  The extent that Brits are in denial is illustrated by the statement that this is not an issue because England is largely nonreligious. See,  this idiot website  .


FRANCE – Experiences a Muslim population close to 15%, the highest in Europe.  This is because of France’s several holdings in North Africa; migration between these North African countries and France is predictably easy.  However, France has implemented a number of aggressive measures to manage their jihadi problems.  Authorities have closed over 20 radicalized mosques in the past two years with over a hundred more currently under investigation.  France has passed legislation allowing local authorities to outlaw hijabs and burkinis in their jurisdiction.  However, street riots and more recently jihadi style attacks have resurfaced as a major problem with 254 attacks since 2015.


GERMANY – Has admitted over a million migrants from the Middle East in the past several years.  Despite an official policy of suppressing the publishing of pictures and names of perpetrators, one can get a sense of the scale of the problem by looking at sexual assault crime statistics from just before the great migration to the present.  Germany has a population of over 80 million.  The addition of one million Middle Eastern immigrants increased the population by a little over 1%, yet sexual assault crimes have increased 5 fold or 500%.  This is a staggering indication of the extent of the problem.  Besides creating an atmosphere where German women are afraid to go anywhere unescorted, German police have also been assaulted and killed.  German citizens, like citizens of so many European countries, have been made victims of the knife, the gun and the suicide vest.


The experience in the rest of Europe, with the exception of Poland, has been roughly the same as the big three lightly touched on above.  I have concentrated on Europe because it is the canary in this coal mine.  The number of attacks in the US is limited so far, but if our immigration policy is the same as Europe’s, we can only expect the same result. Why is Poland the exception?  Poland has refused, in spite of objections from many other European leaders, to allow these ‘immigrants’ into their country.  In an impassioned address, Poland’s PM Beata SzydLO said, “Europe, rise from your knees and awaken from lethargy.  Otherwise you will soon be weeping over your children every day.”  You will find this money quote here  .  Look at the 5 minute mark, but the entire 8+ minute video is worthwhile.


Anyone who claims that these terrorist attacks around the world are not related to Islam are self deluded.  One defense offered is that often it is not the actual immigrant who commits these atrocities, but their children, the second generation, what some refer to as ‘home grown’ as if the soil you were born on magically confers Western values.  For some reason the fact that the grenade has a time delay is supposed to make it more attractive.  There has been a lot of hand ringing in the West, is it al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, Hamas, Hezbollzh, CAIR or you name it.  It is as if there is a meaningful distinction and little in common between these groups.  But what binds them all together, even the ‘second generation’, is the Quran and the toxic ideology contained within.  Islam has a problem. It is the job of our leaders to be sure it is contained where it originates and hopefully fixed there.


Since I first submitted this article for editing, many more attacks have occurred. I cannot keep up with all of them, especially since this is Rahamadan, their busy season.  This is the Islamic holy season where Muslims kill or subjugate their neighbors much like Christians do at Christmas, no I mean Easter, no, wait; I cannot think of a single religion which behaves this way.  If it is so apparent to us, should it not also be apparent to our governments as well? Islam is not a religion and must not be treated as one.  Only leaders like Beata SzydLO of Poland, Geert Wilders of the Netherlands and hopefully our own Donald Trump seem capable of standing up to this menace.  Why is this?  It is because we have allowed the numbers to overwhelm us.  In many European countries, Islam is already a political force.


First let’s stipulate that since 9-11 there have been thousands of attacks worldwide.  I do not intend to catalogue them all here.  Let us also stipulate that these attacks, whether from ISIS, Hezbollah, Ansar al-Sharia or any of the subsets of terrorists groups (over 100 organizations are officially listed as active terrorist groups) are exclusively Islamic.  The numbers of asymmetric warfare do not favor the West.  Consider that 10 terrorist hijackers took down the World Trade Tower complex at a cost of almost 3,000 American lives and $23 billion in property damage.  Monitoring the activities of a single suspected terrorist requires 60 full time workers.  This is the same number here and abroad. Often the ‘lone wolf’ attacker is known to authorities, what I refer to as a ‘known wolf’ attacker.  We often wonder, why, if they were aware of this threat, did they not do something about it?  The truth is there are just too many of them.  They are overwhelmed by the numbers.  The FBI is investigating ISIS threats in all 50 states.  That’s just ISIS. “We can’t arrest them all,” we are told; all the more reason to deport them.  We are told we cannot alienate Muslims in this country because they are the only access we have to this community.  However, we have little evidence that this is effective.  And consider, if we had no Muslim community, we would not have to spend blood or treasure to police it.  This is another good argument for deportation and an excellent argument to halt immigration.


It disturbs the American sensitivity to freedom of religion to discriminate against Islam.  But it shouldn’t, because Islam is not a religion.  It is obviously an imperialistic political movement.  America has had to deal with similar threats in the past.  In the post WW II era, international communism became a viable threat to the United States. Communist leader Nikita Kruschev promised to bury the US.  It was not an idle threat; the USSR was a nuclear power.  The US responded by outlawing the Communist Party in the US and criminalizing membership in it.  We did so because the threat was real.


Unless Islam is quickly reformed from within, we will need to outlaw it here.  In the meantime, to assert that we are serious about protecting US citizens and our constitutional way of life, we must close our borders to immigration by anyone of Islamic faith, the foot soldiers in this invasion.  We must deport non-citizen Muslims and revoke citizenship which has been granted to Muslim immigrants living in the US.  All American born Muslims and converts must be put on a watch list, and their travel restricted.  All mosques must be monitored and leveled if any subversion is taught there or cashes of arms and explosives found on the premises.  This is an existential threat and must be treated as such.


Allah is not the same as God.  Allahu akbar translates to “Allah is great,” not “God is great” as many politicians and those in the media would have you believe.  There is no similarity to the God of the Bible and Allah.  The Biblical God tells us to be honest, faithful and not to murder our neighbor.  Allah on the other hand encourages dishonesty when dealing with people outside of their faith.  He encourages polygamist relationships, extramarital affairs and the subjugation of women.  He insists on the murder of, not only people outside the faith, but also within the faith should they stray from orthodoxy.  God and Allah cannot be the same.  No Muslim makes this mistake.  Those in the West who insist on this fantasy do so more from hope than from conviction or evidence.  Certainly it does not come from a place of understanding.  This is also true for those who refuse to recognize the daily carnage that comes from Islamists acting on edicts from the Koran.  Apologists turn logic into a pretzel while trying to excuse the actions of a jihadist as “work place violence” or a “lone wolf attack” in an effort to de-Islamify this new holocaust.  This denial will only delay and make more difficult an appropriate response when it does come.


All Christians are not perfect, but Jesus was.  All Muslims are not terrorists, but Muhammad most certainly was.  That to which we aspire and choose to follow says a lot about us and shapes us all.

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