The Race for US House District 4 in Texas

Brent Lawson
Lou Gigliotti

The 4th district includes 700,000 people living in North East Texas bounded by Texarkana in the East,  Sherman and Rockwall in the West,  the Red River in the North, and a broken line in the South dipping  as far South as Gladewater.   The incumbent is Ralph Hall,  a Republican, first elected to that seat in 1981.

Three conservatives, John Stacy, Lou Gigliotti, and Brent Lawson have contacted us concerning their challenge to Mr. Hall in the upcoming Republican primary.  It is no secret that Ralph Hall’s age, 90, will be an important fact in the primaries and possibly in the general election.  The fact that Ralph Hall was a Democrat for 50 years prior to becoming a Republican in 2004 may also influence some voters.  Those living in District 4 are being asked by these two conservatives to consider if they can better address the issues of  a dysfunctional  U.S. Congress addicted  to runaway spending and the creation of laws violating our Constitutional protections.  Both challengers have received endorsements from conservative groups as mentioned on their websites along with complete discussions of their positions and background.

John Stacy

There are a total of five Republican challengers for this seat.  In addition to the three mentioned above , John Ratcliffe and Tony Arterburn are also running.  We at teaparty911 have not made a commitment on this race but if you live in the 4th district we urge you to cast an informed vote in this important primary on March 4, 2014.  This is now considered a “safe” Republican seat so the person selected in the primary will likely be your representative for sometime to come so make a good choice.