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When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie That’s Amore !

By Scott Rohter, May 2012

For over a hundred years the French people have had a big love affair, not with the moon, nor with pizza, but rather with big government, i.e. Socialism. Last week they renewed their love affair once again by electing a member of the French Socialist Party to be the next President of France. He will replace outgoing French President Nicholas Sarkozy, who by the end of his first term in office had already squandered most of the popular good will that he received five years ago when the French people literally handed him the keys to the Palace. Darn it! I was just starting to get used to the pronounciation of his name! He squandered all of that good will on a legacy of controversial initiatives, followed by a regime of strict austerity measures that many Europeans, not just the French didn’t like! And his equally tough approach to French unions didn’t earn him many friends on the Left either, nor win him the enduring affection of most of France’s blue collar workers.

The last time this happened in France was about thirty years ago when the French people elected another French Socialist by the name of Francois Mitterrand to be their President. But whether the French head of State is actually a card carrying member of the Socialist Party or not, every French leader since the days of Charles De Gaulle has been a Leftist to one degree or another, except for Sean and Marie Le Penn!

This time Francois’ last name happens to be Hollande, instead of Mitterrand. Francois Hollande. I guess I’ll just have to get used to his name. The new French Socialist President’s name is Francois Hollande, and he promises to restore France to its former heydays of greatness by doing away with the Troikas’s recently negotiated European austerity measures, and just taxing the hell out of the rich. Where have I heard that idea before? Oh yes, I know. That’s Barack Obama’s plan to cut the deficit right here in America. Just two Socialist peas in a pod: Barack Obama and his Socialist comrade from across the pond, Francois Hollande. And that goes for their respective Parties too, the French Socialist Party and its evil twin sister, the Democratic Party in our own country.

At least the French have the nerve to call something what it really is: Socialism! Francois Hollande’s plan is to tax the hell out of the rich is a Socialist plan. That’s how he intends to try to balance the French budget, restore the value of the Euro, provide for all of the French social programs that his sycophants clamor for, and restore the French economy to financial soundness again, yata, yata, yata, all on the backs of the rich. Well good luck Francois, but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. Rob from the rich and give to the poor is not a sound economic policy, nor is it a prescription for national greatness. It sounds more to me like a recipe for overall mediocrity and total national disaster!

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