The Day Obama Turns White


The Day Obama Turns White
Except for the facts, there is much to be gleaned from the reporting of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. The press does not have to doctor a photo to lie to us. The photo we have all seen is of a 12 year old, cherub-faced Trayvon. More recent photos show an image of 17 year old Trayvon expressing flirtations with gang affiliation. But of course these pictures do not fit the story the press wants to tell, and the real story, the truth, just does not interest them. A picture being worth a thousand words, how many lies is that? In describing a 17 year old male, most often the term ‘young man’ would be used; less common, but still acceptable, might be ‘adolescent.’ A crafty journalist who wanted you to believe a 17 year old male was younger might call him a boy, but of course, not in this case. In this case and only in this case, is it deemed appropriate to call him a ‘child.’
Additionally we now learn that we have become ‘fashionally’ insensitive – the poor ‘hoodie.’ We should be grateful the press did not focus on Trayvon’s pants being worn well south of any wasteline. I could not take a week of looking at sagging, 70 year old congressional butts.
The next thing we were supposed to learn is that George Zimmerman is a “White Hispanic.” Dennis Prager said he searched articles printed back to 1851 and could not find a single occurrence of this term being used in the print media. What would be the point, the utility, of this phrase being coined at this time? There are two obvious reasons. In the racist narrative of the left, in print, only Whites are allowed to practice racism. You have to laugh at the irony of that. Secondly, when capturing two disparate minority groups, it is best if you can keep them from each other’s throats. It would be unseemly to have the two most reliable Democrat voting-blocks, Blacks and Hispanics, going at it in an election year. Is the term “White Hispanic” a lie or just a manipulation?
Using the same reasoning, our President is a ‘White Black.’ Lord knows a good Black socialist man would not tank the economy and literally give foreign policy away. Pardon my ebonics but, mus be da white in ’im done dat. (the proof) And that will be the day Obama turns white; the day the press must admit his Presidency has been a failure.
So in the Trayvon Martin case, the press did not have to directly lie to us. By crafty editing, which photo to use, and subtle massaging of the language, a somewhat slanted impression could be left in the mind of the news consumer. This is the way they usually deliver the news to us. The press did not have to lie, but they just could not help themselves. What is the point of being an activist if you cannot be active? So, in the 9-1-1 tape, NBC cut the question actually asked by the dispatcher “Is the subject White, Black or Hispanic?” making it appear to be Zimmerman’s racist leanings that had him say, “He appears to be black.” In the leftist echo chamber, all video, audio and print media regurgitated the edited, NBC version of the 9-1-1 tape. It is not a thin line of black ink that separates objective journalism from raw propaganda. The line is so broad that few so-called journalists are inclined to swim across it. The amazing thing is which side of this broad line you will find most journalists to be on today.
~ Terrell AronSpeer

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