Texas Right to Life Endorses Apostle Claver for HD 138

Texas Right to Life

Before Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani has officially declared his candidacy for Texas House District 138 in Houston, he has received one of the most coveted endorsements in Texas politics.

Today, Texas Right to Life PAC has announced it has awarded an uncontested endorsement of Kamau-Imani. The pro-life powerhouse organization will not be interviewing any other current, or potential candidates for the HD138 open seat.

Texas Right to Life PAC is the most influential, respected, and only trustworthy statewide pro-life political organization. Kamau-Imani does not intend to seek the endorsement of any other statewide pro-life organizations.

“To say I’m humbled by this endorsement and announcement would be a gross understatement”, said Kamau-Imani.

“I have told Texas Right to Life that I have no plans to be a simple supporter of pro-life legislative initiatives. If elected, I will be a leader of pro-life efforts. My plan is to author and carry legislation that will do serious damage to the genocidal abortion industry.

“I want to see abortion outlawed in Texas, and those who perform abortions indicted and put on trial.

“I want to see death panels outlawed in Texas, and hospital board members and administrators to be held legally libel for employing the ’10-Day Rule’.”

Kamau-Imani has the long-held reputation of being a vociferous advocate for life throughout Texas and the nation.

“This endorsement, issued before I’ve even officially declared my candidacy, is a clear signal to the Pink Dome that the pro-life community has absolute confidence in my ability to advance the cause of life. If elected, everyday I’ll be clothed in God’s armor and prepared to repel all munitions that the culture of death can fire. I will be fully engaged to defend the lives of baby Texans. I will be ready for the battles and leading the charge.”