Texas Representative Uses Obama/IRS Style Tactics Against Tea Party Leader



Today it was revealed that Lance Gooden conducted a background check through his taxpayer-funded Legislative Office on Billy Van Vost, a local Henderson county activist who had recently started a tea party organization in Henderson County.

In an email released to the press, it was revealed that Billy Van Vost contacted Representative Gooden’s office regarding Lance’s potential attendance at a candidate forum, a criminal background check was immediately ordered. The information found as a result of this background check was then emailed to Van Vost himself.

“I honestly felt like Representative’s Gooden’s office might have been doing this intentionally to scare me into taking a step back from the process,” commented Van Vost.

“It’s interesting to see how fearful some politicians are of engaged citizens.”

Commenting on the actions of Lance Gooden, Dr. Spitzer commented, “These are Obama/IRS style political intimidation tactics. Ordering the investigation of a constituent simply because of his political views is an abuse of power. Critics of big government will try to be silenced by people like Lance Gooden. Lance should immediately apologize for his actions. I expect him to avoid this situation just as he has avoided releasing his tax returns and showing up to public debates in District 4.”

Stuart Spitzer is an Athens native who lives with his wife Shari, and two children, Lilly and Luke. They are active in Kaufman’s First Baptist Church, where Dr. Spitzer is a deacon, Sunday School teacher, and works in the children’s ministry. He regularly mentors in public schools and coaches youth sports. As a graduate of Trinity Valley Community College, Baylor University, and UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Dr. Spitzer currently provides care at Presbyterian Hospital of Kaufman.

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