Texas Legislature Running Out the Clock? #txlege


For Immediate Release – May 21, 2015

As grassroots conservative leaders from across the Lone Star State, we hear the clock ticking down on the 84th Legislative Session, tolling a death knell for many important bills that should pass. If these liberty-advancing, government restraining bills die, once again, we will get excuses rather than results.

If leadership expects to get high marks from us on this legislative session, they have a lot of heavy lifting to do. Frankly, we don’t care how hard or how long they have to work to get the job done, either.Too many evenings, Fridays, and weekends have gone by with no committee meetings and no floor action for us to accept the tired and politically convenient excuse “we ran out of time.”

As sine die approaches, we recall the hours spent knocking on doors and making calls for candidates who promised government reforms that would make Texas a national leader in limited government and a true champion of liberty. We remember every single rhetorical flourish that promised Texas would have a secure border, restored Second Amendment Rights, a ban on sanctuary cities, lasting property tax relief, an end to the franchise tax, an end to tolling, protections for life and traditional Texas values, and educational freedom through school choice. It’s beginning to look as if some of those campaign promises are “all hat and no cattle.” With the condition our country is in, we’re in no mood for any stalling, slow walking, or backtracking from Texas leaders. We need Governor Abbott and Lt. Governor Patrick to make good on their campaign promises. We ask them to lead from their “bully pulpits” as champions of liberty!

Therefore, we the undersigned, reaffirm our expectations for the successful passage of bills, which will:

Secure the Border – not just throw money at it. This means passing the Interstate Compact Bill for Border Security (SB 1252). Without it, our state leaders will simply spend millions of dollars, risking the lives of DPS officers and the Texas National Guard to participate in the federal government’s deadly “catch and release” program, which will fail to truly secure the Texas border.

End social service magnets (including in-state tuition breaks) for illegal aliens; ban sanctuary cities; mandate employment verification such as E-verify, and impose penalties for violators

Advance & protect the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death

Restore Second Amendment rights

Protect religious liberty – the right to resist violation of personal conscience

Protect religious freedom of clergy, pastors, and churches

Protect Texas from a federal redefinition of marriage – HB 4105/SB 673

Prohibit the use of foreign laws, which do not guarantee our fundamental constitutional rights, from being used in Texas courts (ALAC)

Protect and harden the Texas electric grid – a life, security and economic issue

Provide educational freedom and choice for all parents and students

Advance fiscal responsibility through constitutional spending limits, budget transparency, debt and tax reform

Reform state transportation policy to end dependence on debt and tolling

Advance private property rights with eminent domain and annexation reforms


JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Grassroots America – We the People PAC Chairman, Texas Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee Contact: (903) 360-2858

Mary and Dale Huls, President & Executive Board Member, Clear Lake TEA Party Contact: Dale (281) 658-9480

Cathie Adams, President, Texas Eagle Forum: (972) 523-8551

Robin and Jim Lennon, President & Director, Kingwood TEA Party, Inc. Contact: Robin (832) 431-0414

Katrina Pierson, Founder, Garland TEA Party, Political Analyst: (214) 601-6822

Dr. Julie Turner, President, Texas Patriots PAC

Dwayne Stovall, President, Keep Texas Free, LLC (Get Off My State)

Dean Wright, Director, New Revolution Now; Organizer, Austin TEA Party

Bill Hussey, Founder, Llano TEA Party

Larry Youngblood, President, Leon County TEA Party – Hilltop Lakes, TX

Terri Hall, Founder/Director, Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom (TURF)

Julie McCarty, President, NE Tarrant TEA Party

Jan Shedd, Steering Committee Member, Kaufman County TEA Party

Dr. Kyle Scott, President, Spring TEA Party

Steve Baysinger, Director, San Antonio TEA Party

Toni and Tom Fabry, Chairman and Treasurer, Frisco TEA Party

Connie Curry, Lubbock Republican Activist

Teresa Beckmeyer, West Texas Voice

Kelly Canon, Vice President, Arlington TEA Party

Michael Openshaw, Communications Director, North Texas TEA Party

Chuck Molyneaux, President, McKinney TEA Party; Organizer, North Texas Citizens Lobby

Derek Baker, President, Collin County Conservative Republicans

Suzanne Guggenheim, Director, Corpus Christi Patriots TEA Party

Matt Long, Fredericksburg TEA Party

Larry Korkmas, Pres., Texans for Immigration Reduction & Enforcement (TFIRE)