Texas House Candidate Mary Huls on Religious Liberty

Texas House Candidate Mary Huls on Religious Liberty

Are Contraceptive “Rights” The Ultimate Wedge Issue?

The current controversy over the Federal Government’s mandate for all employers to provide contraception services, including abortion-inducing drugs, has made me wonder.  Why are these demands being made of job-providing Americans to go against their faiths and beliefs for the sake of a manufactured “women’s” right?  If this Federal Government can command new “Human Rights” then State Legislatures must defend the “Constitutional Rights” of the people.

Ultimately, this is a battle over religious freedoms and liberties as ascribed in the US Constitution’s 1st amendment.  For what reason would the Obama Administration seek to force religious employers to go against their own teachings and beliefs? 

The progressives in this country have been removing religion from our culture for decades.  First, they sought to remove all references to religion from State and local governments.  They disallow monuments in our parks and the Ten Commandments from our town halls.  Next, they removed religion from our classrooms and textbooks – even intimidating students from giving thanks to God at graduations and sporting events.  Our media mocks religion and disparages those who openly practice the same.  Tim Tebow is a recent example.  

If elected to the Texas State House. It is my intention to sponsor legislation that would protect the citizens of Texas from oppressive Federal dictates that force a choice between conscience and compliance.  The 1st and 10th amendments give Texans the “constitutional right” to cling to our religion and hold onto our principles and values.

Mary Huls
Candidate for TX House, District 129