Texas Conservative Digest Endorsements 2016

Texas Conservative Digest 2016 Endorsements

2016 Texas Conservative Digest ENDORSEMENTS

(Final List of Endorsements)

The following is a list of all Endorsements made by Texas Conservative Digest for the 2016 elections.


For President of the United States:

Senator Ted Cruz for President (CR-97%, A)

For re-election to the United States Senate:

Senator Mike Lee, Utah (CR-100%, A)

Senator Rand Paul, Kentucky (CR-94%, A)

For re-election to the United States House of Representatives:

Rep. Dave Brat of Virginia (CR-100%, A)

Rep. Gary Palmer of Alabama (CR-100%, A)

Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky (CR-96%, A)

Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina (CR-96%, A)

Rep. Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma (CR-96%, A)

Rep. Raul Labrador of Idaho (CR-95%, A)

Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan (CR-95%, A)  

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio (CR-94%, A)

Rep. David Schweikert of Arizona (CR-93%, A)  

Rep. Kurt Klawson of Florida (CR-93%, A)

Rep. Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina (CR-93%, A)

Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina (CR-93%, A)

Rep. Scott Garrett of New Jersey (CR-92%, A)

Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado (CR-92%, A)

Rep. Tim Huelskamp of Kansas (CR-91%, A)

Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona (CR-90%, A)

Rep. Tom McClintock of California (CR-90%, A)


For re-election to the US House of Representatives:

Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas (CR-96%, A)

(Rep. Louie Gohmert is considered the ‘Dean of Conservatisim’ in the Texas Delegation of the US House of Representatives.  He is extremely well thought of in Conservative circles around the nation and for very good reason.  We are extremely proud to be able to endorse a man of Louie Gohmert’s character, reputation and job performance!)

For election to the US House of Representatives:


Steve Toth, House District 08 from Texas

(While Steve Toth served in the Texas Legislature, his score from Texas Conservative Digest was a very impressive TCD-92.8%, A. )

For election to Texas Railroad Commission:

Wayne Christian

(While Wayne Christian served in the Texas Legislature, his Conservative rating score from Texas Conservative Digest was an outstanding TCD-106.5%!  Wayne was our “Legislator of the Year” in 2011 and his performance as a Conservative was unmatched.)

For election to Texas Supreme Court:

Michael Massengale, Place 3

Rick Green, Place 5

Eva Guzman, Place 9

For election to Texas State Board of Education:

Mary Lou Bruner

For election to the Texas State Senate:

District 1:

Rep. David Simpson (TCD – 93.60, A)



Rep. Bryan Hughes (TCD – 90.60, A)


District 24:

Dr. Brent Mayes

For re-election to the Texas House of Representatives:

House District 4: Rep. Stuart Spitzer  (TCD – 96.00, A)

House District 6: Rep. Matt Schaefer  (TCD – 97.00, A+)

House District 55: Rep. Molly White  (TCD – 96.60, A)

House District 66: Rep. Matt Shaheen  (TCD – 97.20, A)

House District 67: Rep. Jeff Leach  (TCD – 93.00, A)

House District 70: Rep. Scott Sanford  (TCD – 89.40, B)

House District 83: Rep. Dustin Burrows  (TCD – 90.20, A)

House District 91: Rep. Stephanie Klick  (TCD – 91.00, A)

House District 92: Rep. Jonathan Stickland  (TCD – 99.20, A+)

House District 93: Rep. Matt Krause  (TCD – 98.00, A+)

House District 94: Rep. Tony Tinderholt (TCD – 96.60, A)

House District 96: Rep. Bill Zedler  (TCD – 92.80, A)

House District 105: Rep. Rodney Anderson  (TCD – 90.20, A)

House District 106: Rep.Pat Fallon  (TCD – 92.20, A)

House District 115: Rep. Matt Rinaldi  (TCD – 99.00, A+)

For election to the Texas House of Representatives:

House District 5: Cole Hefner

House District 7: David Watts

House District 8: Thomas McNutt

House District 14: Jess Fields

House District 17: Brent Golemon

House District 18: Keith Strahan

House District 20: Terry Wilson

House District 33: John Keating

House District 47: Jay Wiley

House District 54: Larry Smith

House District 59: Brent Graves

House District 60: Mike Lang

House District 64: Read King

House District 71: Chris Carnohan

House District 73: Kyle Biedermann

House District 81: Joshua Crawford

House District 84: Jim Landtroop

House District 99: Bo French

House District 113: Jonathan Boos

House District 114: Dan Morenoff

House District 121: Jeff Judson

House District 150: Valoree Swanson