Tea Party Rallies for Freedom and Liberty- Re-ignite the Spirit!

Recall the tea Party spirit of 2009 and 2010

Come Spring I am going to be ready to attend Tea Party Rallies to re-ignite the spirit of 2009 and 2010.   Back in the days when we had rallies and the movRemember the sprit of 2009ement was being born our message was heard across the country. People were deciding if our principles were their principles and if they wanted to join-up. The enthusiasm and message even had conservatives in England trying to start a similar movement. A year and a half after the movement began we had the great election triumph of 2010.

Remember the Tea Party in 2009 and 2010My motivation for joining the movement was fear. Democrats controlled all branches of the Federal Government and had just passed the almost $Trillion stimulus package. There seemed to be no way to stop the run-away spending and taxation that was soon to follow. Our economy would be destroyed in the following four or, gasp, eight years. I don’t remember exactly what the sign said that I carried at my first rally but I’m sure it was very clever and original something like “It’s the Stimulus Stupid’.

Well I am still afraid for our country, more so than at any previous time . It is now a fact that the Our liberties are being takeneconomy is destroyed perhaps beyond repair, but in addition our freedoms and liberties are being taken from us by unconstitutional actions like the passage of Obamacare and the NDAA that allows the President to incarcerate US citizens indefinitely in foreign lands without trial.  Beyond those attacks on the constitution are other liberty depriving infringements like, for the privilege of boarding an aircraft you must submit to be groped by TSA low life, EPA regulations are preventing our use of existing sources of low cost energy and are depriving people of the use of their own property, drones are used for surveillance of US citizens in the US, our emails and phone calls are monitored without a court order, our children are taught in schools taken over by socialists, the global government initiatives like Agenda 21, the Law of the Sea treaty, and the UN Arms Control Treaty will rob our national sovereignty, and a Supreme Court that rewrites unconstitutional laws to make them constitutional in their opinion.  And just after almost all Federal Departments and Agencies purchased millions of rounds of anti-personnel ammunition they are planning to take guns from us if they can.

Remember then?Unfortunately I don’t know of any rallies that are planned for this Spring or if there is enough outrage to foster attendance at rallies. Losing our freedoms and our liberty is a greater concern to me than that of spending and taxation. It wasn’t “taxation without representation” that triggered the fight for our independence, it was the loss of freedom and liberty that followed.  Of the 27 grievances cited in the Declaration of Independence taxes is only mentioned once.  Today the trend toward increasing subjugation is once again upon us with more super progressives, can you say Hillary, waiting in the wings to continue the onslaught by appealing to the “low information voters” they have been creating in our schools.

I hope the rally mode can be re-ignited this Spring by having local rallies across the country.  Freedom and Liberty Rallies or Constitution Rallies or Tea Party Rallies or whatever we call them. If a sufficient number of people feel as I do and the number of rallies is large enough then it would force the MSM to engage in the discussion. Maybe we can take back our country by educating the sleeping population to the future they face and by showing support for state level actions that can protect us from Washington DC.

Sara Palin at the Tea Party RalliesRallies are important psychologically.  They bring us together in a common cause, they give us a way to feel like we are doing something, our enthusiasm increases, conservative media personalities arrive to cheer us on, and best of all, the “enemy” goes ballistic.  They demonstrate that we will not be silent witnesses to the “fundamental transformation of our country” and to our own subjugation.  As we rally in our home towns we become brothers and sisters with those at rallies in Florida or Texas or California or anywhere.  Knowing large numbers of patriots are still  fighting for country will give a much needed lift to our spirits and depress those of the opposition.  Our rallies may reinforce the backbone of the representatives we sent to Washington in 2010 and put fear in the others. These events are important in our lives and for the future of our country.  Anyway I would go to any rally just to hear Krista Branch sing “I Am America”.

We need another great election triumph and this may be a good way to achieve it.  If we had this spirit in 2009 and 2010 what reason do we have for not having it now when the economy has been destroyed and our liberties threatened?  Previously the signs we carried were mostly about taxes and spending. Now we can add to that a variety of subjects including the unconstitutional acts of this administration.  I think the sign I will carry is “Impeach the Supreme Court” just to let them know I have had enough.