Tammy Blair Endorsed by Grassroots Activist Mary Lou Bruner

Texas State Capitol Building in Austin, TX
Tammy Blair
Tammy Blair

May 9, 2012
A Message for the Voters in Texas Senate District 3:

Recently on an out-of-town trip I was encouraged to see Tammy Blair’s campaign signs all along Hwy 59 and Hwy 69 in yards of concerned citizens and in front of businesses which are concerned about the economic future of our state and nation. It seems that Tammy’s conservative message is spreading throughout Senate District 3. People are paying attention to this outspoken woman.

The incumbent senator in District 3 speaks about the number of jobs he has created through his prosperous business, but Mr. Nichols’ voting record doesn’t show that he has made the tough legislative decisions necessary to reduce state spending which would free up money for everyone else to build or expand their businesses — which in turn would lead to the creation of more jobs in the private sector. Instead, the incumbent senator has not been willing to make the significant cuts necessary to reduce the state budget to a reasonable level. Though he describes himself as a conservative, he hasn’t voted like a conservative in the Texas Senate. A grade of 63 on his report card from a conservative organization is not much to brag about! I hope people will politely, but firmly confront Mr. Nichols with his own voting record in the candidate forums. People should check-out the Texas Eagle Forum Scorecard to be able to ask informed questions about his votes on the different issues.

I believe both men and women “get it” when Tammy talks about cutting wasteful spending from the state budget. People have to cut out luxury items in their own budgets when a family member loses his or her job or gets a salary reduction, when the price of gasoline and groceries go up every day, and when taxes are out of control. Some State Legislators brag that they balanced the budget during the last session; but they used “accounting tricks” to balance the budget. It is a little like making some of your bills come due on January 1 instead of December the 31, so you can put off paying some of your bills until “next year”. The money has already been spent; the bills still have to be paid, and sometimes you will end up paying more interest by putting off paying the bills until later. The Texas Legislature led by Joe Straus and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst misled and deceived taxpayers by using “accounting tricks and gimmicks”. Technically the budget was balanced for one day to meet state laws; but the Legislature could have done so much more if it had really done the necessary cutting which should have been done.

People who juggle their home budgets the way the state juggled the state budget often get into financial trouble, and our state is headed for trouble too. Don’t believe the Legislators when they say Texas is in much better financial shape than the other fifty states. Texas is not far behind other states now since we have a bunch of RINOs running the state.

We need ethical, fair-minded conservative people like Tammy Blair skilled in accounting and math to challenge the RINOs when they use accounting tricks. Tammy will report to you the truth about what our elected officials are doing with our tax money. We need to elect more budget-minded people like Tammy who will cut-out unnecessary and wasteful spending, and when necessary, make the tough decisions to eliminate entire state departments and agencies which are duplications of services.

Our elected officials need to be more frugal with the taxpayer’s money. They should spend the taxpayer’s money even more carefully than they would spend their own money. We owe it to ourselves and to the candidates to find out who the true conservatives are in the different races. We must work to tell the taxpayers about conservative challengers who have had very little money in their campaign funds to help spread their message. We must send these new conservatives to Austin to support the few faithful conservatives who already in office. Those elected officials who want to cut spending have been in the minority so far. Conservative voters are trying to do something about that in this election.

Taxpayers are tired of big-spending liberals patting themselves on the back telling citizens what a good job they did when they voted for every spending bill that came before the Legislature.

If the Good Ole Boys don’t have the courage to roll up their sleeves and do the hard work of cutting the budget, it is time for We The People to elect a conservative woman who is not afraid to stand up and fight for taxpayer’s rights.

Tammy Blair is a wife, a mother, and a working woman. She is not experienced in politics; but she is experienced in life, and she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes is right. She will not be intimidated by the Good Ole Boys in the Texas Senate who think they will never have to answer to the people back home for they way they have represented the folks.

Tammy will represent the taxpayers of Texas — not the special interest groups. If she doesn’t represent the taxpayers, they should fire her. It is that simple.

I have known Tammy Blair several years through our work in the Tea Party Movement. I do not live in Tammy’s district, but I grew up in Tyler County which is in her district. I have family and friends who live in her district. I recommend Tammy Blair to the voters of Senate District 3.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Lou Bruner
Mineola, Texas (Smith County)