Sunday, February 18, 2024
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Saving the American Republic

Almost everywhere you look you see people calling for some action to counter the destruction of American constitutional values signaled most prominently by the...

Audit The Vote Uncovers More Voter Anomalies in Pennsylvania

Audit the Vote CEO Toni Shuppe revealed in an interview with One America News Network's Christina Bobb that her organization has uncovered still more...

#StopTheSteal Rallies on November 7, 2020

#StopTheSteal and do whatever you can to show up at your state capitol at noon, local time, tomorrow, Saturday, November 7th, 2020. Patriots, I know that...

Protect the Vote Rallies Friday November 6, 2020

Massive Protect the Vote rallies are planned out on Friday. Please come out and support the integrity of our voting system! Now is the...

The Twenty-first Century Comes to Wood County, Texas

The twenty-first century comes to Wood County – at least that is how it is being sold.  The old paper ballot is giving way...
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