Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Project Veritas – Pfizer Whistleblower Leaks Execs Emails

Project Veritas Pfizer Video - Pfizer Whistleblower Leaks Execs Emails: ‘We Want to Avoid Having Info on Fetal Cells Out There' More from Project Veritas.  

Project Veritas – Bernie Sanders Staffers Promote “Extreme Action”

Project Veritas #Expose2020 Part IV video showing two more Bernie Sanders campaign staffers promoting "extreme action" and property destruction. https://youtu.be/4zpCVM0delQ Apparently, to Bernie Sanders campaign worker...

“Guillotine the rich” says Bernie Sanders campaign worker

"Guillotine the rich" was but one of the statements by Bernie Sanders campaign worker Martin Weissgerber, exposed by Project Veritas in a recently released...

Epstein Coverup Exposed by Project Veritas

Epstein Coverup Exposed VIDEO: Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup "We had Clinton, We had Everything" The Jeffrey Epstein coverup by the mainstream media has...

EXPOSED: Political Censorship in Big Tech by Project Veritas

Project Veritas exposes political censorship by big tech companies in this shocking video.

Political Bias at Google According to Insider Greg Coppola

Google insider and whistleblower Greg Coppola goes on Fox News with Tucker Carlson to discuss political bias on the part of Google.
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