Sen. Cornyn Responds to over Cruz-Feinstein Dust-up


Shortly after the heated exchange between Senators Ted Cruz and Dianne Feinstein over the constitutionality of limiting Second Amendment rights, we contacted Senator John Cornyn’s office asking why Sen. Cornyn chose to remain silent while the Democrats conducted their own little tag-team match attacking Sen. Cruz. Following is the brief email exchange between’s Lee Cary and Senator Cornyn spokesperson Kate Martin.

Ms. Kate Martin
Press Secretary
Senator John Cornyn
Washington, D.C.

Ms. Martin:

In the context of Senator Ted Cruz’s recent confrontation with Senator Dianne Feinstein concerning the 2nd Amendment, other Democrat Senators came to Feinstein’s defense and attacked Cruz.

Senator Cornyn chose not to come to Senator’s Cruz’s defense, and remained silent.

Can you please submit a statement as to why Senator Cornyn chose not to engage the issue in that debate?

We will post your response, in its entirety, on the teaparty911 website, widely read by Tea Party leaders and supporters across Texas.

Thank you.

Dr. Lee Cary, writer for

cc: Mike Kinzie, website editor (HQ’d in Sulphur Springs, TX)

Here is the response from Senator Cornyn’s office:

Hey Lee – Of course he tried to help Sen. Cruz – Sen. Leahy wouldn’t let Sen. Cornyn speak up. Houston Chronicle noted this below:

“Undeterred, Cruz persisted with his rhetorical question. Texas GOP colleague John Cornyn attempted to help him out. But Judiciary Committee chairman Patrick Leahy at that point inserted himself in Feinstein’s defense,”

Personally, I think Sen. Cruz got the better of Sen. Feinstein (the fact that she apologized makes me think she would agree). He didn’t need anyone’s help. Sen. Cornyn is proud to serve with Sen. Cruz on the Judiciary Committee, which he was able to help get him a spot on (Senate ‘rules’ technically don’t allow both members from same state to serve on Judic). They’ve been leading the opposition to the push for new gun control legislation the whole way, and will continue to as they work to stop it on the floor.