Securing America’s Borders

Border Security

From Burt Keefer of AmericaWorking.Org

It’s important to understand why we must secure our borders. There are many reasons and all of them need to be done but there is one threat that is overlooked the most and it’s the most dangerous one of all. The power in voting. We process 1 million legal immigrates each year becoming new U.S. citizens. They take an oath and become a new Wel-fare Recipient. We have just added 1 million new voters per year for the movement of socialism. But this number is small in comparison to the anchor babies of illegal aliens. They will come of age to vote by 2016 and their vote will offset or cancel the Conservative voters. Yes, I’m talking about We The People, the last of our kind. This means we would be out voted in the Country our Fathers conquered without a shot being fired or one drop of blood being spelt. Here is a 9 minute video on Securing Our Borders.