Save the Republic!

Save the Republic!

Almost everywhere you look you see people calling for some action to counter the destruction of American constitutional values signaled most prominently by the stolen 2020 election and the refusal to prosecute antifa and BLM rioters. What you don’t see, however, is anyone on our side doing anything of significance to support those few people still fighting in the courts and state legislatures.

Three notes:

1- I say “our side” but I’m Canadian – not American. On the other hand the Canadian interest is obvious: if the U.S. goes fascist, what’s left of democracy in Canada is going to be collateral damage.

2 – at least 28 state legislatures are currently working to tighten state electoral law, and the few committed conservatives in Congress are doing what they can, so some people are indeed “doing something.” Unfortunately, however, the Supreme Court’s refusal to countenance any of the lawsuits coming out of the 2020 election suggests that state law simply does not matter to democrats in control of state bureaucracies and Pelosi’s HR-1 is, of course, intended to provide formal legal cover for them.

3 – there are reasons for acting now that go beyond minimizing the damage Biden’s executive orders combined with a run-away congress are doing. One of those reasons is that the Harris ascendancy intended to complete their legitimization of the 2020 elections through an outpouring of national (or, at least, media) grief over Biden is being held up mainly by opposition from Susan Rice and their need to delegitimize Andrew Cuomo as a vice presidential candidate – and another is that something like 600 people are being harshly and unfairly prosecuted for taking part in the January 6th, 2021, march on the capitol.

So here’s a strategy for taking the fight to them, and winning. It is difficult and time consuming, but legal, peaceful, and probably very effective if fully carried out.

The idea is to force enough democrats and rinos in the house to recognize that the democratic party has become the party of the billionaire fascists – something even Sarah Silverman(!), the Nevada State Democratic Party executive, and hundreds of other high profile players in the party now accept – and so join republicans in using the impeachment of both Biden and Harris to force a real senate trial on the issue of electoral fraud and abuse.

The impeachment is a pretext, but the grounds for their removal from office are obvious: Biden is on video bragging about electoral fraud and on video swearing to uphold the law – so either there was no significant fraud and he’s absurdly incompetent or there was and he’s a usurper. He’s unfit for office either way, but if the senate trial finds extensive voter fraud then Harris must also be removed because she’s guilty if she knew and beyond incompetent if she didn’t.

The trigger word here is “impeachment” but impeachment is not the point: the point is to force the senate to mount a fair and public trial on the issue of democratic party fraud in the 2020 elections because it makes no sense to put effort into winning in 2022 and later years if we cannot have faith in the results.

In reality, of course, I’d actually be happier with a null finding in that trial, but see no prospect of it happening: in my opinion Mr. Trump, at least 14 representatives, and at least one senator lost their elections to above-normal levels of fraud. Basically, the Navarro reports seem definitive to me, the Time article looks a lot like democrats publicly counting coup on the losers, and I found the state level hearings in Michigan and Georgia I watched on OAN utterly convincing.

(If you have doubts and not enough time to do much research, please watch this 16 minute video )

Success (forcing the trial and keeping it fair) may sound improbable and achieving it certainly won’t be easy, but just forcing the senate to mount the trial the courts refused will freeze the current slide to national destruction in its tracks: the administration will be on hold for the duration and never recover its credibility while a guilty verdict will mean that everything Biden has signed or promised to sign, from his deeply anti-American executive orders to HR-1 and Porkupolus will be nullified; the state delegations in the house will select a president; Americans will have their republic (and prosperity) back; some senior democrats in the party, bureaucracy, and the media/tech giants will be headed to court; China won’t invade Russia (through North Korea), Taiwan will remain independent; and, the world can hope to avoid a nuclear holocaust in the middle east.

But how? Unrelenting pressure. Specifically: recognize that conservatives have overwhelming majority support in the country and focus that majority first on democrats and RINOs in the house to get the trial; and then on democrats and rinos in the senate to make that trial fair, full, and public. For both houses start with those with the weakest electoral base and work up from there to affect all of them.

It should only take seven congressmen, but we’d start with these nineteen democrats whose margin of victory is below my guesstimated average margin of democrat electoral fraud in house races (about 5%):

District Winner P Votes % Loser P Votes % Percent Margin
Arizona 1 Tom O’Halleran (D) 188,469 51.6 Tiffany Shedd (R) 176,709 48.4 3.20%
Georgia 7 Carolyn Bourdeaux (D) 190,900 51.4 Rich McCormick (R) 180,564 48.6 2.80%
Illinois 14 Lauren Underwood (D) 203,209 50.7 Jim Oberweis (R) 197,835 49.3 1.40%
Illinois 17 Cheri Bustos (D) 156,011 52 Esther Joy King (R) 143,863 48 4.00%
Iowa 3 Cindy Axne (D) 219,205 49 David Young (R) 212,997 47.6 1.40%
Michigan 8 Elissa Slotkin (D) 217,922 50.9 Paul Junge (R) 202,525 47.3 3.60%
Michigan 11 Haley Stevens (D) 226,128 50.2 Eric Esshaki (R) 215,405 47.8 2.40%
Minnesota 2 Angie Craig (D) 204,534 48.2 Tyler Kistner (R) 194,954 46 2.20%
Nevada 3 Susie Lee (D) 203,421 48.8 Dan Rodimer (R) 190,975 45.8 3.00%
Nevada 4 Steven Horsford (D) 168,457 50.7 Jim Marchant (R) 152,284 45.8 4.90%
New Jersey 7 Tom Malinowski (D) 219,629 50.6 Thomas Kean Jr. (R) 214,318 49.4 1.20%
Pennsylvania 7 Susan Wild (D) 195,713 51.9 Lisa Scheller (R) 181,569 48.1 3.80%
Pennsylvania 8 Matt Cartwright (D) 178,407 51.8 Jim Bognet (R) 166,203 48.2 3.60%
Pennsylvania 17 Conor Lamb (D) 222,253 51.1 Sean Parnell (R) 212,284 48.9 2.20%
Texas 7 Lizzie Fletcher (D) 159,529 50.8 Wesley Hunt (R) 149,054 47.5 3.30%
Texas 15 Vicente Gonzalez (D) 115,605 50.5 Monica De La Cruz-Hernandez (R) 109,017 47.6 2.90%
Virginia 7 Abigail Spanberger (D) 230,893 50.9 Nick Freitas (R) 222,623 49.1 1.80%
Washington 8 Kim Schrier (D) 213,123 51.7 Jesse Jensen (R) 198,423 48.1 3.60%
Wisconsin 3 Ron Kind (D) 199,870 51.3 Derrick Van Orden (R) 189,524 48.7 2.60%


Note: an alternative to picking initial candidates based solely on their margin of victory would be to focus first on those who lost by considerable margins across most of their districts or states but won based on the vote count from a few precincts where any attempt to audit the result would trigger racism charges.

The tactical plan is to apply pressure from two directions: continual, high visibility, public demonstrations and low visibility contacts by political players and local influencers.

The low profile contacts have to come from within the Trumpian GOP and cover all the obvious stuff including promising unopposed re-election in 2022, special funding, personal protection, and whatever else seems appropriate to the person targeted.

The public demonstrations have to be positively Gandhian in their commitment to non violence, continuous, massive, and ubiquitous – while the posters, signs, tweets, and media briefings that go with them need to hammer away at a small number of obvious things:

  • electoral cheating threatens democracy;
  • media censorship threatens democracy;
  • most cases brought by the Trump campaign were dismissed rather than heard, but those few heard on the facts have generally favored Trump;
  • representatives work for the district, not the party;
  • the representative’s actions in Washington show him or her to be a far left order-taking elitist rather than the middle of the road American representative he or she masqueraded as during the election (e.g. all of them voted to impeach Mr. Trump, for HR-1, and against censuring Maxine Waters for obvious malfeasance);
  • we’re not trying to overturn a legal election, we’re trying to force a public investigation of the 2020 electoral result because all Americans have a right to know that the people in power are the people they voted for;
  • and, of course, we ask why, if there was no significant fraud, they’re so opposed to a hearing on the facts.

Organizing and managing this process will be a challenge. With President Trump’s support the GOP can handle the quiet stuff easily and effectively. Managing the demonstrations in the face of media and tech censorship is harder, but they can be beaten at their own game using simple custom websites – one for each district – and lots of volunteer demonstrators.

The web infrastructure strategy is simple: register a group name like “”; create 435 sub-sites like (i.e. Minnesota District 2) each hosted and run by people in the district; use the main site to support and co-ordinate all 435 specific sites, and use the specific sites to organize and co-ordinate community activities like demonstrations, parades, sit-ins, etc.

To see what kind of software I have in mind for this and learn something about how it can be used please take a look at these pages put up by the people who developed OpenSocial.

Key phrase: “Mobilize and activate your volunteers to drive real-world change”

(I have a very rough, and temporary, first approximation demo site at ).

Constitutional Republic

The OpenSocial people are moving to commercialize their product, but the free and open source version does everything we need – and, of course, in the open source world there are always other choices.

(A note about costs: a typical AT&T or Verison fibre link suitable for use in one district runs around $120 a month; all the required software is free; and, the volume limits imposed by a 100MBS home or small business fibrelink (about 200 concurrent users – i.e. about 3 to 4 thousand registered users) mean that a mid range used Dell or other Xeon workstation (about $800 including monitor) can handle the load.)

The core idea behind district level activities is to take a page or two out of the democrat playbook: skip the violence, arson, looting, and threats to family members; but get in their faces 24 x 7. Every congress critter has a district office – so picket that, every single day. Every congress critter has a Washington office – so everyone traveling to Washington from the district tries to make an appointment and certainly parades around the critter’s congressional office (or Pelosi’s fence) demanding access to his or her representative. Every Congress critter attends local events, so picket those – bottom line: in their faces, 24 x 7, no let-up; no mercy.

Similarly, every district has local media: radio, TV, print, and web so daily press releases and phone calls contrasting what the congress critter says or does in Washington to the persona presented to the home electorate can be combined with calls to patriotism, duty, and local pride to build awareness – and pressure the congresscritter.

The media and their big tech colleagues will, of course, try to hide this activity from the public: but we are the public and the movement will grow every day until they have to cover it: first locally and tentatively, then nationally and negatively, but eventually with enough volume to be heard by the congress critter’s backers, influencers, and paymasters. The attacks on us will be personal, unending, and vicious; especially for organizers and the first volunteers to take to the streets – but shrugging it all off is what we admire most about Trump, what our grand children will eventually remember us for, and is infinitely to be preferred to the bloodshed that will come if the current fascist takeover is allowed to continue.

For the updated version, please see Saving the American Republic, published June 13, 2023.