Rogues to the Left of US How to Make it Right


Rogues to the Left of US – How to Make it Right

California has definitely gone rogue implementing their own national policy over that of the federal government. Additionally, elements within the national bureaucracy have also gone rogue acting as a corrective to the duly elected President and his administration.  WOW!  According to Judge Napolitano, frequent contributor on the Fox News Channel, California’s new law allowing illegal aliens to get drivers licenses, coupled with their existing ‘motor voter’ law, will allow illegal aliens to vote in California.  This is not a new phenomenon in California.  In 1996, favored Republican incumbent congressman from Orange County ‘B1’ Bob Dornan lost to party switching Loretta Sanchez.  It was said by many that 1,500 illegals voted in the race which was determined by fewer than one thousand votes. Dornan was a perennial favorite in California first elected to the House in 1977, but the political establishment kept redistricting (gerrymandering) him out of his district.  The Sanchez race got rid of him once and for all.

The lefts insistence that homosexual marriage be accepted throughout the US was non-negotiable.  In spite of the fact that California residents overwhelmingly voted against every homosexual marriage proposal placed on a ballot and even voted for a constitutional amendment forbidding it, leftist judges kept cramming it down their throats. California was then used as the model, the fulcrum point for taking the issue national.  Apparently however, when it suits them, California is capable of being a powerful force in asserting state sovereignty.  At least in their mind, California state laws supersede Federal law regarding, marriage, drug use and immigration policy.  Because of federal inaction, they are establishing precedents which may be difficult to counter.

Do not discount this danger.  It is certainly within the purview of the state to regulate marriage.  Historically, states have imposed blood tests, age restrictions, even denying marriage rights to people whose blood relationship was deemed by the state to be a threat to the gene pool. These restrictions varied from state to state.

But the responsibility of regulating immigration is appropriately the sole responsibility of the federal government. Law pertaining to immigration and naturalization was among the first ten laws passed by the congress of the United States.  California makes a point of saying that the federal government alone is then responsible for enforcement.  I suppose if one just wants to be pissy this is true, but it does not give any state the right to provide sanctuary to violators.  In this case, the state authorities involved in providing sanctuary are subject to prosecution.  This should be a federal priority.  This is a key component to border security and the safety of American citizens.  If a single state exempts themselves from federal immigration regulation, it becomes a portal of entry for persons we, as a nation, have found for a number of reasons to be undesirable.

The political implications are just as critical.  California accounts for 55 Electoral College votes.  This accounts for more than 10% of the total number of electors (538).  If California’s vote is corrupted with the votes of non citizens, more than 10% of the Electoral College vote will be non-representative of ‘American’ values.  This is a clear threat to the democratic institutions of this republic.  With presidential elections turning on a few percentage points, in spite of the fact that the Electoral College is designed to limit the influence of a corrupt state, this is quite likely more than our system is designed to withstand.  It is crucial that we protect the integrity of the ballot.

That California has been driven even further left than its population is no accident.  California is a goldmine for votes legal or otherwise.  California’s establishment politicians are all too willing to look the other way as non English speaking illegals cast ballots in their elections.  It is also easy to see why a leftist California is happy to have an open border policy.  The census which determines how many representatives a state can send to the US Congress is based on residency, not citizenship.  So for California it is a double dip – more representatives in the House and, as long as illegals are determined to vote for leftist orthodoxy (if there is such a thing), they will be happy to let them.

Although Democrats tear up any time it is suggested an illegal Hispanic be deported for any reason, if we were to offer this group every aspect of American citizenship but voting rights, the left would throw a fit.  They would chew off their leg to get out of this trap.  Failing that, they would drop Hispanics like a hot rivet.  According to leftist bleeding hearts every illegal Hispanic graduated magna cume luade, a neat trick for a group with a 52% high school dropout rate (

The left also claims that illegal Hispanics have a lower incarceration rate than Americans born here.  If this is true, the fact that illegals account for 25% of the prison population tell us the number of 11 to 12 million illegals present in the US the left has been hanging on to for the past two to three decades is more likely 30 million or more.  One of these things is a lie; I suspect both are.  The illegal Hispanic population in the US is huge and they account for a high percentage of crime in this country.  If there were 11 million in the ‘90’s and if we have had aggressive additional illegal immigration since then, the number of illegals in the US would have to be far greater.  It’s simple math.

While we are on the subject of immigration, we should shine some light on the plum in the left’s pudding – chain migration.  This is the policy which allows a legal immigrant to bring over relatives seemingly no matter how distant or even if they have just been released from prison.  This is like letting the last country we defeated in war staff our Defense Department.  It’s like letting the last person entering the DMV to administer the driving test.  It is as nonsensical a policy as a leftist politician can conjure up.  There is a lot of competition for this honor.  The left ruins everything.  Providing just the briefest of lists, in recent years they have ruined weather, gender, statuary, the NFL and flirting.

The danger to the country as a whole is far greater than California authorities are willing to admit.  They will tell you that just because an illegal is given a driver’s license does not mean he will be allowed to vote.  What they will not tell you is that, although there is nothing mandating this, there is nothing in place to prevent it either.  Further they assure us that there is nothing in the legislation which allows an illegal to use this license to board a plane.  But again, there is nothing specific in the legislation to prevent this.  Just because a leftist has not spoken a truth into being does not mean it is not the truth.  In spite of the triple negative it is axiomatic.  In LA, any Norwegian can acquire an easily forged Matricula Consular Card proving he is a Mexican national.  It is well know they are sold from a back of a van just a block from the TDIS office which issues passports.  This ID is now routinely accepted when applying for a California Driver’s License.  This same Norwegian could use this driver’s license to board a plane flying between LA and the nation’s capital.  While flying over our capital, he could take out some Flutfisk he had smuggled on board and eat it in front of you.  I leave it to your Imagination what else could be done.  The irresponsible policies of this one state are a threat to all of us.

As the most populous state in the nation, California is a big deal.  Even though their leftist policies drive citizens from the state at a prodigious rate, they are more than replaced by the free flow of illegal immigrants the state imports daily.  California notoriously has signs warning drivers not to hit illegal immigrants who might be crossing the highway as they sneak into California.  In Texas, we have similar signs for deer, but these are Texas born all-American deer.  California is replacing their American born citizens with foreigners.  We are advised that the Electoral College is to prevent larger states from just rolling over the smaller ones.  However, more important is the fact that the Electoral College limits the damage a corrupt state can do to the electoral process.  One way to further limit this threat is to count only citizens for the purpose of apportioning representatives to the House.  California admits to having around 2.6 million illegals which indicates they account for roughly 7.5% of the population.  Fully 10% of the workforce in California is known to be in the country illegally.  The numbers could be significantly higher as the point of being illegal is to be off the books.  But even using these conservative figures, if representatives were apportioned based on the population of US citizens, California would lose 4 or 5 Representatives in the House and a corresponding number of Electoral College votes.

Additional issues make a Republican victory imperative in 2018.  There is the ever present and overly self important Supreme Court.  There is the specter of impeachment.  Although it is without merit and sure to be unsuccessful, the process could torpedo the conservative agenda.  The investigation into the criminal behavior of the prior administration would surely be abandoned.  Usually, the party in power suffers losses in the ‘off year’ elections, but not always.  Additionally, all of the evidence supports a Republican victory.  We know the leftist press will do all they can to ensure this does not happen.  Therefore it is up to us fellow patriots and concerned citizens as are likely to read articles such as this to counter the ‘full court press’ of the left.  The economy is booming.  Minority employment is historically low.  The Democrat party is facing a political scandal of epic proportions.  It must be evident to even the casual observer that heads of departments left over from the previous administration violated the public trust by using the awesome power of the federal government to advance their own personal political agenda and to damage their political opposition.  This occurred before, during and after the change of administration and is currently operating in a process designed to subvert – the proper functioning of our government.  Americans deserve to know how corrupt this government has become in the last 8 years.  Violators need to be prosecuted.  Blow up social media. Speak unapologetically to everyone you meet about the positive changes the country is experiencing.  Speak about the dangers we still face and point out that the Democrats are the authors and promoters of most of these.  This fight is existential.

In Texas, early voting for the primary election begins February 20.  Election Day is March 6.  This is your chance to put the most conservative candidate on the ballot.  The establishment will tell you to vote for their candidate because “he can win.”  But historically we know that the greatest Republican victories, not just at the ballot box but in the seat of government where it counts, comes from the most conservative candidates.  You do not have a lot of time to acquaint yourselves with these candidates.  If they can articulate a conservative message, in a way voters can understand, they can win.  I am supporting Jason Wright in House District 5 here in Texas. He has a strong relationship with Ted Cruz and considers him a mentor.  Ted Cruz has stood up when others could not find the courage of their convictions or remember the promises they made to voters back home.  Fight for good candidates like this and regardless, show up and vote Republican in the general election in November.  But remember, the primary is your best opportunity to impact the race.  Social media and frank discussion with friends and neighbors is our biggest microphone.  Always keep debate civil and make sure your dedication to all that is great about America is apparent even to those who may not agree with your positions.  Let’s all go out and make America great again.

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