Rep. Lance Gooden vs Dr. Stuart Spitzer

Texas Representative Lance Gooden vs Dr. Stuart Spitzer

This is part of an email exchange between Jimmy Weaver and Ray Myers of the Kaufman Tea Party regarding recent forums involving incumbent Republican Texas House Representative Lance Gooden and Republican challenger Dr. Stuart Spitzer. The exchange started when someone (name omitted for privacy purposes) objected to Mr. Myers being involved at all in the forums because of his publicly stated support of Dr. Spitzer. Ray, being Ray, fired back with an unabashed Texan to Texan response explaining that it is still a free county (for now) and provided a list of reasons why he should be involved in the forms concerning Lance Gooden and Dr. Spitzer. It was at this point when Mr. Weaver got involved in the conversation.

I normally would not post an email, but Jimmy Weaver certainly did his homework on Lance Gooden. Jimmy’s research included material that he had to pay for out of his own pocket in order to acquire the information as well as extensive internet research. The following is what Mr. Weaver conveyed to Mr. Myers.

Mr. Myers,

Mr. Myers I commend you for your stand. I attended all forums in Kaufman County and was partially disappointed with the way Rep Lance Gooden was screened from the difficult questions. If this is another scripted format similar to those mentioned, the public will not get a true shake on Lance Gooden and his challenger Dr. Stuart Spitzer. These two candidates are as different as night and day. I had to do my own research using the internet and some private firms to confirm and deny what I had been told about Lance Gooden and his real history. I was disappointed with the forum format because many of the questions that were written and submitted were not asked of the candidates. Some as simple as can you list your work history with references, can both of you prove you are truly district 4 residents, and where do you get your money.

All the other candidates I witnessed gave good replies to these questions and I verified them with little effort. That was not true with Rep. Gooden. Another thing that bothered me, is that he never showed at any open debate style meeting at any location, it was as if it weren’t controlled he wouldn’t take a chance. These people are asking for a job and as an employer (the public) I think we should want to know who they are and verify what they list and say about themselves.

I found out that Lance Gooden was not a resident of Terrell in 2010 as he says he was. He did not take a residence in the county until June of 2011 when he and his father purchased a home on Elm St. in Terrell. From school records it appears he moved to Kaufman County when he was in the seventh grade and graduated from Terrell High School and then moved to Pasadena, Texas with his parents where they still live and Lance also has an address listed there on the internet. That doesn’t sound like deep roots in Terrell, Texas as he proclaims. He says he is in the insurance business, but I still cannot verify that he has ever had a job with any firm and he has no active insurance license with the State of Texas. So far from what I have found out Lance is not one of us.

Mr. Gooden does have a large sum of campaign cash, of which about 67% comes from out of district donors connected to special interest groups. It really makes me wonder about where his loyalties are pledged especially when the public hasn’t viewed his income statements. This is just more reason to wonder if he really is committed to district 4 as we should expect, after all he is supposed to represent us.

I researched Dr. Spitzer and you can track and verify everything he says almost to the day he was born and his mother attends most of the events so I guess I could verify that point with her.

I believe that Dr. Spitzer is one of us and I am not sure who Lance Gooden is or who is putting him up to fooling the voters in District 4. This reminds me a lot of Barack Obama and the cover he got in 2008 when no one would speak out and ask the hard questions and expect answers that could be checked out. I am not going to sit back and let that happen again if I can help it. I intend to ask who you are and when you don’t answer with verifiable information then I intend to let everyone know. Being politically correct is not getting the job done.

All this information is on the internet and some has to be bought, and the expense is worth it if you can get the right answers and avoid a mistake.

Jimmy Weaver

Mr. Weaver, I applaud you.