Red Solutions or God’s Green Earth

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Red Solutions or God’s Green Earth – A Tale of Two Americas

-by  Scott Rohter, January 2012

Looking at a political map of how Iowa voted in their recent Republican Caucus, reminds me a lot of what the political map of Oregon looked like after the last General Election.  The entire State of Oregon was colored red to represent Republicans, except for a tiny, little area around Portland, Eugene, and Corvallis. The entire State of Oregon voted Republican, except for our major metropolitan areas. Those were the only areas in the State that the Democrats carried!  But that is also where most of the people live!  That’s exactly the same way it was in Iowa!  The only parts of Iowa that didn’t caucus for the more conservative candidate, Rick Santorum, were the cities of Dubuque, Des Moines, Davenport, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and just across the river from Omaha, Nebraska.  See:  Map Link.  Those were the political strongholds of the more liberal candidate, Mitt Romney.  Why is that?


I believe it is because the farther that people get from the land, the more liberal they become.  And the bigger the city they live in, the more liberal they are!  The more we forsake common sense, and sensible solutions, the more we put our trust in nonsensical solutions.  Or to put it another way, the farther that we human beings remove ourselves from God’s green earth, and from God’s plan for our lives, the more we are prone to putting our trust in man’s solutions, or in our own solutions of secular humanism, liberalism, progressivism, and Marxism.  In other words the more removed we are from reality, the more likely it is that we will believe in Red Solutions!

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