Race Baiters Make Appeal to Low Information Voters


In an election year delivered to Republicans and tied up neatly with a bow, what else could we expect?  The mass of illegal entrants at the border is not a shock to this administration.  It is a plan well executed.  I know, we are supposed to believe that the poverty and narco-violence south of our border is a new thing; that this new pressure has pushed populations of babies into Texas.  Really, we are told they are just walking across the border and that now the border patrol is all tied up changing their diapers.  WOW!  Really?  Where do I begin?

Well, first let me remind those on the left that poverty is an institution in Mexico and points south and has been since Cortez shipped all the gold back to Spain.  Let me further point out that the major exports from South and Central America are illegal products on this side of the border and it has been this way also for a long time.  I am old enough to remember that Ike (Eisenhower to you young pups) had to deal with this problem back in the ‘50’s.  So, although those coming across our border may be doing it to escape poverty and narco-terrorism, during the tenure of past American Presidents and under the same influences, they were not so motivated.  The difference, therefore, is neither the poverty nor the violence; it is the policies of this President and his administration.

Next, regarding the diaper changing; I am going to go out on a limb and assume that most South Americans over the age of 14 are already housebroken.  If we are changing diapers it is because these newly minted residents are babies.  Note, these babies are coming from Honduras and Guatemala and points further south.  Unless they are flying in on the backs of monarch butterflies, we must assume some larger human forms, perhaps adults are bringing them in.  If you can’t get a baby to “go potty” in the next room, I doubt you are going to get them to go to Texas.  By any measure this is a long walk for one just learning to walk.  These adults or adultish persons should not be separated from these babies, but should continue to care for them, i.e. change their diapers.  The border patrol need not be tied up with this activity.  One does not walk, or even drive, a baby from Tegucigalpa to Laredo without changing a few diapers.  We must stop being willfully stupid.  It is obvious what is going on here.

The forced Republican reaction to this man caused humanitarian crisis is meant to show Republicans as “uncaring for the less fortunate” and xenophobic.  Notice how neatly this fits their old and tired narrative.  Politics as usual will not solve this problem.  We must apply principles which are both fundamentally Christian and constitutionally conservative.

First we must realize that our current government is a colossal failure and that its policies are designed to manipulate us rather than to protect us as citizens.  We may wish to believe that Obama was elected by our next-door neighbor, the one with all the tattoos and piercings.  But he was elected because we did not do enough to educate our neighbor of perils of an Obama administration.  We know we did not do enough because – there he is and here we are.  Next we must realize that this is a humanitarian crisis of Biblical proportions and as Christians we must act to mitigate its effects.

We must address the last issue first as it is the most pressing.  As Christians we must take the smaller children, who cannot be taken care of by the adults who brought them here, into our homes and care for them until they can be reunited with their parents.  These are babies and toddlers and it is a crime that adults have used them as pawns in this manipulative and coercive political game.  We must mitigate this damage.  Those unable to take a small child into their home can contribute to and help those who can.  The government will be of little help in this effort.  A humanitarian crisis requires a humanitarian response.

However we must insist that the government insure the health of these children until they can be properly returned.  We know that, properly motivated, our government is quite skilled at returning children to their parents as demonstrated in the Elian Gonzalez affair?  But the government must certify that these children are free of disease before releasing them to temporary foster care.  Older minor children can be kept in an orphanage situation until the identity of the parents can be established and the child returned.  This situation needs to be broadcast here and abroad.  This should flush out their parents whether they are living here or in their home country.  The parent(s), if here illegally, can then be returned to their country of origin with their child.

This is no solution, but just a stop gap until the proper political solution can be put in place.  The political solution consists of first securing the border.  No one gets in without the express permission of the United States.  Article I section 8 of the US constitution allows for a limited number of activities in which the government may become involved.  You may have noticed that they have wandered a bit from their prescribed mission.  However there are only a few constitutional mandates for which the government is responsible and they are all located in Article IV.  Article IV section 4 states that the United States shall protect every state from invasion; no exemption is provided in the case that the invading force happens to be babies.  This is a constitutional mandate and all elected officials take an oath to uphold the Constitution.  By the way, a number of these “children” have already proven to be members of the violent South American drug gang, MS 13.

These officials, starting at the top, must be held accountable for their failure to faithfully adhere to their commitment to the Constitution under this oath.  Articles of impeachment must be drawn up and prosecution begun immediately.  Obviously, the will of our elected officials to do this is low, otherwise we would have seen Articles of impeachment long before this current crisis.  This will take a grass roots Tea Party effort consisting of both determination and diplomacy.  Too many citizens become exercised about soccer or baseball while this systematic destruction of American institutions occurs unnoticed around them; it is as if they would sit down in a burning kitchen and eat a pudding.  It is up to us individually to sound the alarm, to educate these willfully ignorant citizens.

The most affected individual states are the best platform from which to launch such an effort, Texas being the most obvious.  In legal terms, as the injured party, Texas has standing.  Those state officials who do not understand that this is an existential threat must be either convinced by the eloquence of argument or removed from office by the citizens who elected them in the first place.

These are not small efforts and much will be required of us if we are not to lose this Republic.  However, those familiar with Biblical prophecy understand that this is not the time for half measures.  Those unfamiliar may wish to crack a book.  Time is running out.

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