Obama’s Divided States of Imperialism must be stopped at all Costs


By Selena Owens

Fresh off the starting blocks of his second term, Barack Hussein Obama, (I never refer to him as “president”), has tightened the noose around America’s neck some more. Our beloved land of the free and home of the brave is gasping for air, struggling to maintain her freedom against Obama and his progressive, socialistic minions, as well as RINOS and wimpy, weak-kneed Republicans who can’t or won’t stand on the conservative principles and ideals they were elected by the people to uphold. A fiscal cliff crisis looms large, Second Amendment rights are unconstitutionally limited and borderline revoked, and divisive class warfare tactics continue to pervade the media and communities. Nothing has changed with Obama” at the helm in his second term.  Things have gotten, and will continue to get, “progressively” (pun intended) worse, because “progressive Imperialism” is Obama’s new agenda. His intent? To divide the United States of America to a point of no return.

Conservatives had a tough time in Obama’s first term. Corporate bailouts belied faux “stimulus” packages, and the passage of the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. ObamaCare, (the largest tax hike in history that passed without a single Republican vote), drove America further into debt. A financial downgrade, which tarnished our financial standing in the world, coupled with perpetual class warfare making entrepreneurs and rich people out to be mean-spirited villains because they wouldn’t spread their wealth around added to the strain conservatives carried. Obama’s first term was a testing ground to test the limits. Now in round two, a brazenly imperialistic Obama means to unleash his full fury on conservatives and their ilk, no holds barred, repeatedly blaming them every time he speaks to the media for our country’s financial, moral, and ethical woes. But it’s not only conservatives who are recipients of his un-American rage; although embraced as a messiah by many, mainstream society is unknowingly falling right in lockstep with Obama’s Marxist regime, coaxed into emotional oblivion by every school shooting and natural disaster which Obama unfairly utilizes to advance his imperialistic agenda.

Wikipedia defines Imperialism in two ways: The first is “regressive imperialism” identified with pure conquest, unequivocal exploitation, extermination or reductions of undesired peoples, and settlement of desired peoples into those territories, an example being Nazi Germany. The second type is “progressive imperialism” that is founded upon a cosmopolitan view of humanity, that promotes the spread of civilization to allegedly“backward” societies to elevate living standards and culture in conquered territories, and allowance of a conquered people to assimilate into the imperial society. (Emphasis mine.)

Constitutional attorney, author, and prominent conservative radio host, Mark Levin, cited Obama’s actions on gun control and the fiscal cliff as an imperial president. Levin’s absolutely correct, and I, for one, applaud his boldness in this issue. We are dealing with a narcissistic, imperialistic, empire-building dictator. Barack Hussein Obama propagates a “cosmopolitan view of humanity.” In other words, there is no room at the table for independent thought. The goal now is to view humanity as a whole, not as a freethinking individuals. Notice that Progressive Imperialism aims to assimilate a “conquered people… into the imperial society.” Wait! There’s more. The conquered people are considered to hail from “backward societies.” Whoever could these “backward” peoples be in the mind of Obama? The ones who bitterly cling to their guns and religion, perhaps? The ones who somehow didn’t build their own businesses without government intervention? The ones who value and uphold traditional marriage and the sanctity of life?

As Vice Chair of the Conservative Campaign Committee, we are taking Obama to task on his imperialistic agenda to stifle American Exceptionalism, blatantly disregard our Constitution, and change the narrative through media bias. Our team has created television ads to inform viewers exactly what Obama is up to and how we can fight back. We will NOT be the conquered people who are “allowed to assimilate into the imperial society.” We will fight back. We will elevate our conservative ideals to his backward society. We will uphold our Constitution whenever Obama attempts to grab another liberty or right from us. We won’t comply with Imperialism.

What other choice do we have? To sit back and do nothing and allow evil to prevail is ungodly. While we have breath in our bodies, it is OUR fight to fight! Otherwise, Obama will assess his progress and go for the jugular through signing extensive amounts of executive orders and divide these United States of America. It will be Obama fanatics versus Reagan conservatives. Dark versus light. Truth versus lie. It’s happening now; conservatives and a Republican Congress are routinely blamed for everything. If Obama splits the divide among citizens even further, America will be torn apart at the seams and Progressive Imperialism will be the new norm.

Thomas Jefferson wrote, “Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories.” With this thought as our catalyst, We the People must FIGHT BACK at all costs to stave off Imperialism. The battle will be hard and long, but living freely in the United—notdivided—States of America will be our reward.


Selena Owens is president and founder of “Powerful, Beautiful, Fearless: The Conservative Woman Tour” and Vice Chair of The Conservative Campaign Committee and is the author of The Power Within a Conservative Woman: Engaging America for God, Family, and Country. She is a conservative activist and has spoken at over 300 Tea Party and conservative events.