Obama Secret Service is Suffering From More Than Just a Lack of Morale

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Breakdown of Morale in the Ranks

By Scott Rohter, April 2012

A very interesting but not widely covered item in the news last week was from Columbia, South America where twelve members of President Obama’s advance security team were recalled back to the United States for “disciplinary reasons.” Hmmm… Have some members of the Secret Service, the nation’s finest and truest men and women, who are responsible for the President’s own personal safety, and who are supposed to be willing to lay down their lives to protect the President, finally had about enough of him too?

President Obama was attending a Summit of the Americas Conference this weekend in Cartagena, Columbia, on Columbia’s northern Caribbean coast, and just like everywhere else that our young, jet setting President goes, there was an advance contingent of Secret Service agents sent in there ahead of him to prepare the way for his visit, and to ensure his personal safety.

So what actually happened down there in Cartagena, Columbia in the week prior to President Obama’s arrival, to cause an entire contingent of Secret Service personnel, twelve Secret Service agents who were members of his advance personal security team, to be removed from their assignments and summarily returned home for disciplinary action? Well, the details are still a little bit sketchy, but I have never heard of anything like this ever happening before in my lifetime! So what do we actually know?

The twelve Secret Service agents included two high level supervisors. At least one of the agents is accused of employing the services of a Columbian prostitute. There were possibly other agents involved with prostitutes as well. This unheard of misconduct was discovered when a disgruntled hooker complained about not getting paid! The prostitute filed a report with the local Columbian police who contacted the U.S. State Department. All of this information was released by a Secret Service spokesman and was reported originally by CBS News.

According to hotel employees in Columbia where the Secret Service agents were staying, the agents had been drinking heavily all week long prior to the Presidents arrival. The Secret Service spokesman said this only represented a moral deficiency, not an operational deficiency. I would say that it represents both a moral deficiency and an operational deficiency, and a breakdown in morale as well.

Now why would there be a breakdown in morale and a lack of discipline among the President’s most highly trained Secret Service personnel? These are the people who are supposed to be willing to take a bullet for him! Could it be that they are unhappy about having to protect a man who according to the Constitution, and the best available evidence, is not even legally qualified to be our Nation’s 44th President? -A man who many Americans view as a usurper, and whose Marxist policies to transform America are not well liked?

Does the idea of his forged birth certificate, now proved by the Sheriff of Maricopa County Arizona and his “Cold Case Team”, which were not disputed in a New Jersey court room last week by the President’s own defense attorneys, possibly have anything to do with this breakdown of morale in the Secret Service? One can only wonder if this,.. and other possible un-Constitutional acts committed by President Obama are starting to catch up with him, and are having a cumulative effect on the morale of the Secret Service agents who are charged with protecting him.

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