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Democrats Target Anti-Voter Fraud Group True the Vote

Democrats Target True the VoteOn Friday, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) launched an investigation into the anti-voter fraud group True the Vote. Citizens trained by True the Vote petitioned offices around the country, asking local election officials to review questionable voter registrations and remove dead and duplicates from the voting rolls. True the Vote's goal: to ensure the veracity of each and every vote. That involves training volunteers to check voter lists and monitor polls on election day to ensure compliance by poll workers.

But Democrats aren't interested in policing voter fraud; they're far more interested in allowing improper voters to go to the ballot box. Read More

Emperor Obama Has No Clothes - 10/3/12 Debate

Emperor Obama Has No ClothesPresident Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney faced off in the first of three Presidential debates of the 2012 election season. Fans of the President were disappointed and even shocked that their candidate, who presumably spends his days steeped in the issues of state, arrived unprepared. If one did not know better, one would have thought that the President has spent his entire first term on the golf course, on the campaign trail, and on vacation. But the press assures us that the President is always working, always on the job. Yet encyclopedias could be filled with all the things of which the President is completely oblivious. On the issues, Obama had apparently drilled no deeper than his campaign’s own brain-dead talking points. How is it that a sitting American President can be so unaware of the issues facing our country? Read More

The Decline of the Media's anti-Tea Party Meme

Chris Matthews Anti Tea PartyThe liberal media's characterization of Tea Party activists as old, white, angry, racially-biased, conservative extremists constitutes a meme on the decline.

"Meme" is a relatively new word. dates the word's birth as 1976, and identifies its parent as biologist Richard Dawkins. A meme is "an idea or element of social behavior passed on through generations in a culture, especially by imitation."

Many political memes concerning President Obama have been created and repeated by liberal media reporters and Democrat pundits. Read More

Obama Promises to Remember on November 6th

Obama's Blueprint for ChangeIn the first Presidential debate, President Obama criticized Mitt Romney for not stating his, Romney’s, plans for America. Romney is wise not to fall into that trap.

Obama offered an extensive plan in 2008 entitled “THE BLUEPRINT FOR CHANGE: Barack Obama’s Plan for America”. The liberal media never questioned it.

Read More

The Tea Party Movement on November 7th, 2012

The TEA Party on November 7, 2012If President Barack Obama wins a second term, a wave of disappointment will wash over conservatives in general, and among Tea Party supporters, specifically. The depth of that disappointment will, to some extent, depend on the outcome of elections for control of the House and Senate.

If the Democrats win the White House and retain a majority in the Senate, conservatives and Tea Party supporters will gird themselves for four, more, dismal years of the Obama regime. A long and bitter slog, for sure.

If Governor Mitt Romney becomes President Romney, a wave of relief will wash over conservatives and Tea Party supporters. Although initial euphoria may soon be tempered, to some extent, by a wait-and-see attitude as to what a Romney administration brings. More

Get Involved in the November 6th Election

The Federalist Papers Summaries

If you do not have the time to read the entire 85 Federalist Papers,’s Donald Mellon has a solution for you. Donald has painstakingly studied each and every one of Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay’s Federalist Papers and has summarized them for you in an easy to read format. Many months were invested in this project and Donald's Federalist Papers Summaries are brought to you exclusively on Read the Federalist Papers Summaries

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The Tea Party and the Committees of Corespondence

The Tea Party and the Committees of Correspondence

Similarities abound between the Committees of Correspondence in 1764-1776 America, and today’s Tea Party movement. But their effectiveness in their own eras is traceable to two shared characteristics.

The role of the Committees of Correspondence is largely forgotten in American history. The Committees that gathered across the thirteen Colonies were the first organized, albeit non-violent, resistance to British rule. More

Patriot of the Month

Lori Medina -'s Patriot of the Month gives a big shout-out to a true patriot, Lorie Medina. Lorie, the founder of the Frisco Tea Party, has been working tirelessly in arranging for volunteers to travel to swing states like Virginia to do door-to-door campaigning for Mitt Romney because she knows the importance of this election. Lorie is one of the rare few who turn words into deeds. Patriots like Lorie are the very backbone of the Tea Party.

Lorie Medina, we salute you!

The Villages TEA Party Florida

TEA Party 911 Featured Group of the Month

The Villages TEA Party of Florida

The Villages Tea Party was formed in response to numerous citizens wishing to take a more active role in affecting the outcome of elections. The TVTP is, and will be, a member driven organization. As can be clearly seen in the bylaws, the members will play a critical role in how the TVTP is managed and what directions we take in trying to accomplish our mission and purposes.

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