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Last Minute Time to Make a Difference in Primary Elections

Patriots, we only have days left to make a difference in primary elections across the country. Most states have already held their primary elections and caucuses, but a few remain and some states still have runoff elections to be decided. If we are to elect true conservative candidates, YOU must get involved and get your friends involved as well. Some candidates need help with phone banking, some with block walking, and some need financing to counter the onslaught of negative campaign ads being launched by the establishment. Now is the time!

But first, some great news….

Dan Forest Wins Runoff for Lt. Governor in North Carolina!

Dan Forest Wins!Republican Dan Forest scored a convincing win Tuesday [July 17, 2012] over fellow Raleigh resident Tony Gurley for the right to run for lieutenant governor in November in North Carolina.

Forest, a Tea Party favorite, had 68 percent of the vote compared with 32 percent for Gurley, a Wake County commissioner. Forest will take on Democratic nominee Linda Coleman, who won in the May primary. sends out a big CONGRATULATIONS to Dan Forest! More…

And now to the battle in the Lone Star State...

Push Ted Cruz over the Finish Line in Texas for US Senate

Ted Cruz for US Senate from TexasWe're down to the wire now and I hope that everyone is doing SOMETHING to get Ted Cruz voters to the polls! Early voting is Monday, July 23rd - Friday, July 27th from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.  Election Day is Tuesday, July 31st from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Remember, during early voting, you can vote at any polling location within your county. On election day, you must vote at your one designated polling location.

If you're getting asked about this... Dewhurst has a really nasty ad running right now that links Ted Cruz to criminal proceedings involving Robert Mericle and the Pennsylvania prison scandal. The ad takes clips and audio from different contexts and puts them all together to makes it appear that Ted Cruz was involved in this case. AND it makes him sound like he's being a heartless lawyer in regard to children. He was not in any way involved in the criminal case involving the Pennsylvania prison scandal. He was, however, involved in a civil breach of contract case between Robert Mericle and a private insurance company. The audio that you hear of Ted in that commercial is him answering a question posed to him by a Judge in the US Third Court of Appeals during oral arguments of this civil case - NOT the criminal case that Dewhurst is trying to tie him to. Here is Ted's response to that commercial: THIS is where we can make a difference. The campaign may not be able to compete with these gynormous statewide ad buys by Dewhurst, but we can help by setting the record straight via email, Facebook, twitter and word of mouth whenever we get the chance! So, please share this and direct people to and have them click on "Get the Facts". ~ Konni Burton of the NE Tarrant Tea Party

Make Calls for Ted Cruz

As we continue our fight to Take America Back in 2012, we must be determined to send a new crop of principled fiscal conservatives to join our Tea Party allies like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Jim DeMint in the U.S. Senate.

Join thousands of Tea Party activists from across America in making calls during National Call Day - Tuesday, July 24th - in support of Texas Senate candidate Ted Cruz! ~ FreedomWorks for America

Please call for Ted Cruz now!

Jack Hoogendyk for US Congress - Michigan

Fellow Conservatives,

Sometimes this congressional race gets so busy it's easy to forget something simple... like your own birthday. Jack's birthday is coming up on July 31st, and we want to make sure he doesn't forget it!

Now, we aren't going to tell you how old he is. But we will tell you that the campaign has set up a Money Bomb fundraising event, and has a special choice: $57 for Jack! Go there and say:

Happy Birthday, Jack!

The best way to make a money bomb successful is to take it viral, so I have a few favors to ask.

  1. Go to the donation page and make a $57 donation to the campaign. Click here.
  2. Send this to your family and friends (actually, everyone you can) and ask them to do the same.
  3. Go to the Facebook event that is set up for this and click "Join" AND "Share".  Then ask your Facebook friends to do the same.  Click here.

The goal set by the campaign is $10,000. The purpose is to raise enough money to get out a mailer to all the voters in the last few days before the primary so they can see who Jack really is and not some poorly fabricated picture presented by others.

Please help get out the vote for Jack for August 7, 2012 in Michigan. Have a phone? Have a computer? Make a difference! Jack Hoogendyk needs some help combating over a million dollars in advertising. Click here to start making calls.

Thanks for supporting Jack Hoogendyk for US Congress!

Tea Party Targeted by Left Wing ABC Character Assassins
~ by Terrell AronSpeer

It might be unfair to single out ABC in this affair. They just happened to be carrying the flag on this particular day. This is an election year. For the agenda driven left leaning news media, any excuse to attack conservative values, better yet conservatives themselves, specifically Tea Partiers, will do.

Before the last echo of the shots which turned movie premiere night for the new Batman movie, in Aurora, CO into a living hell, veteran ABC newsman Brian Ross was combing Tea Party web sites to see if any link could be established. I am sure that other ABC reporters were tasked with combing through jihadist data bases as well as data bases for Rotary and the Catholic Church. Old school journalists, before the age of left wing enlightenment, would have wasted precious time cross checking information to verify its accuracy. But destroying the Tea Party in an election year is too high a priority from which to pause. The accusation must go out immediately, Above the Fold and embedded in the Breaking News. There is always room for retractions later on page 16 or in some obscure corner of a website. This is news, made tactical, not factual. We saw this same rush to judgment in the Gabrielle Giffords’ shooting case. More

Also published on

Donna Campbell for Texas Senate District 25

Donna CampbellDr. Donna Campbell now faces incumbent Texas State Senator Jeff Wentworth in a runoff election on July 31, 2012. Early voting is July 23rd through 27th. Every vote counts, so please get out and vote for Dr. Campbell to be your next Texas State Senator in District 25!

Donna Campbell is a true grassroots conservative who is a firm believer in limited government, fiscal responsibility, and the US Constitution as the supreme law of the land.

Donna knows that taxation, litigation, and regulation are the primary factors for our disastrous state of the economy and will fight on the behalf of Texans to loosen the government stranglehold that has been killing jobs in Texas.

Dr. Campbell is 100% Pro-Life and has received endorsements from the Texas Right to Life PAC and the Texas Alliance for Life. As a double-board certified physician, Dr. Campbell will lead the charge in Texas against the government over-reach of Obamacare.

More at or at

The Sentinel Newsletter


The SENTINEL Newsletter is an excellent monthly publication distributed by the Lake Country Republican Club in Texas. Now why, you ask, would a TEA Party organization be supporting a publication from a Republican group? Quite simply, it’s that good.

The brain behind the SENTINEL is a man named Terrell AronSpeer. Terrell is by far one of the most gifted writers whose work I have ever had the pleasure of reading and folks, I read a lot. Terrell writes his editorials and op-eds using his sharp wit, intellect, and enough anecdotal references to make Dennis Miller look like an amateur. I would be remiss if I did not mention Terrell’s lovely wife, Lynn, who is the editor behind the editor.

The Lake Country group is led by Greg Bowen who is a great leader and also a personal friend. Greg was the driving force behind forming the Wood County Leadership Council which united the area Republicans, TEA Party, 9.12, and We the People groups throughout Wood County, Texas. Our hats go off to Greg for his leadership in advancing the true conservative cause in Texas.

Therefore, we are happy to share the SENTINEL with our readers.


Texas 2012 Primary Runoff Elections

Texas Runoff Elections


Monday, July 23 is the first day of early voting in Texas, running through July 27th.

The experts estimate that turnout will be VERY LIGHT in this election.

Your vote always counts, but this time it REALLY counts.

The public opinion polls are certainly relevant, but they won't decide these races.  In any of the races on your ballot, there are enough supporters to win the election for either candidate. 

The thing that matters now--the ONLY thing that matters--is TURNOUT.

If you persuade a like-minded friend, family member or neighbor to join you in supporting your favorite candidate(s), you will double your influence.  If you can find three, you've quadrupled it.

WHOEVER YOU VOTE FOR, please VOTE like the Republic depends on it--because it does.
~ Grassroots Texans Network

Vote 2012!

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