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SCOTUS Obamacare Ruling – A TEA Party Defining Moment

Pelosi Obamacare Victory LapOne of the first major defining moments for the TEA Party was thanks to none other than Nancy Pelosi. It was the day of the passage of Obamacare. As Pelosi condescendingly took a victory lap through the crowd of angry protesters with her 4 foot gavel, Americans were hit with the stark realization that this country is no longer ruled by “We the People”. Pelosi might as well have told the country, “It is we the elite, and we will tell you, the little people, how you shall be governed.”

It was at that moment that the TEA Party realized that all the protests didn’t change a thing. This monstrosity called Obamacare was crammed down the throats of the American people despite the majority of the country shouting, “don’t do this!” What Pelosi didn’t count on was the fact that “TEA Party” Americans don’t like to lose and they certainly don’t like having it flaunted in their faces. It was at that moment that the TEA Party laid down their protest signs and picked up their campaign signs. The result of that defining moment was the landslide 2010 elections.

Now we have been presented with another defining moment. However, this time it was not at the hands of the liberals, it was at the hands of a believed to have been conservative, Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts. The SCOTUS Obamacare ruling was a slap in the face of freedom loving Americans. I won’t try to throw a positive spin on this; I can’t. The government now has the ability to tax our behavior or “non-behavior”.

The federal government has been granted the power to tax the American people for not buying health insurance. Let’s look at it another way, now the government has the power to order Americans to buy a Chevy Volt or face a tax of whatever amount they see fit up to the cost of a Chevy Volt. What’s next, a tax for not voting for Democrats?

No matter what you hear from the pundits, this election is not about the economy. It is about whether or not you want a government who controls every aspect of your life or not. It’s that simple. The Obama regime has worked diligently since day one to grow and centralize government with unprecedented power grabs in direct conflict with the Constitution. Now the Supreme Court has gone out of its way to further shred the Constitution. “We the People” have been handed another defining moment; the result of which is up to you. Shifts Gears

Chief Justice Roberts stated in the majority opinion on Obamacare that, “It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.” Therefore, due to this statement and the subsequent SCOTUS ruling, we at have re-evaluated our objectives and have chosen to narrow our focus down to two major goals. Our primary goal is to assist in electing true conservative candidates across the country at all levels of public service. Our secondary goal is to connect individuals with local TEA Party groups throughout America. Our newsletter from now until November will be dedicated to these two objectives.

Texas Needs Our Help to Elect Ted Cruz to the US Senate

The race for the next Senator from Texas is probably one of the most crucial races in the United States. If we fail to elect true conservatives to the US Senate, Obamacare will stand. No matter what state you are in, a US Senator affects us all, so your help is essential.

The contrast between Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst couldn’t be more apparent. Cruz is the conservative in this race; Dewhurst is not and at best can be considered a moderate. Kay Bailey Hutchison has been an embarrassment to conservative Texans and Dewhurst would be more of the same if not worse. As Lt. Governor, Dewhurst appointed approximately 40% of the committee chair positions in the Texas Senate to moderate and liberal Democrats as a form of “compromise”. The liberal Houston Chronicle writes that Dewhurst “has been a model of respectful efficiency” which translated means that “Dewhurst will give the liberals what they want when it is politically expedient for him.”

Cruz, on the other hand, has overwhelming grassroots conservative support across Texas and the nation. The TEA Party Express, Governor Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin have all come out in support of Cruz. Five of the most conservative US Senators, Rand Paul, Pat Toomey, Mike Lee, Jim DeMint, and Tom Coburn have all endorsed Ted Cruz. The list of endorsements on Cruz's website looks like a virtual who's who listing of conservative greats.

How YOU Can Help

While the big money lobbyists may go to Dewhurst, ordinary voters from all over Texas are embracing the Cruz campaign. The average donation to Ted Cruz is $168. The average donation to Dewhurst is $1,654. Ted has 26,688 donations under $100. David Dewhurst has 11.  Cruz needs your continued financial support to get out his proven conservative message.  Just last week Dewhurst spent over $1 million on a TV ad attacking Ted.  Will you donate $10 or $20 dollars to Ted today?

Overall, Cruz has 22,190 donors for his campaign, compared to only 3,023 for David Dewhurst. Indeed, Ted has more donors from the Greater Houston area (3,149) than David Dewhurst has in the entire State of Texas (3,023).

Dewhurst Falsely Attacks Cruz

Most of you in Texas have seen the attack ads coming out of the Dewhurst campaign targeting Cruz for defending a Chinese company over an American company. My first response to these ads was “so what?” If you are working for a company and your boss gives you an assignment, do you tell him no? Not if you want to keep your job you won’t. More importantly, the ads are misleading and downright false. One thing the Dewhurst campaign conveniently left out of the ad is that the “American” company moved its operation to China some 20 years ago; therefore not one single American job was affected. There are many more falsehoods lies in these ads.
You can find all of the responses to Dewhurst's attacks on Cruz’s website here:

Video Response to the attacks:!

Volunteer for the Cruz Campaign

Whether you are a Texas resident or not, you can still help the Cruz campaign. has more info on Cruz here, or you can go directly to the Cruz campaign website here, The primary ways you can help are phone banking, block walking, and campaign donations.

The runoff race is scheduled for July 31, 2012 and early voting is July 23rd through July 27th.

Tennessee US Senate Candidate Zach Poskevich

Zach PoskevichZach Poskevich is clearly the grassroots favorite to face incumbent Senator Bob Corker in the great state of Tennessee. In straw poll after straw poll taken by Tea Party groups of their membership, Poskevich is trouncing Corker by huge margins. The Gibson County Patriots has Poskevich at 97% to Corker’s miserable showing at 3%. The Humphreys County Tea Party has Poskevich at 90% to Corker’s 10%. Tennessee is shaping up to be another battleground state in the war of the grassroots conservatives against the establishment GOP.

Grassroots conservatives across the nation are taking on the establishment and winning. In Indiana, Richard Murdock unseated 36 year veteran Senator Richard Lugar. In Nebraska, Deb Fischer upset Jon Bruning to win the Republican nomination for US Senate. In Texas, long-shot Tea Party backed Ted Cruz has forced a runoff with establishment backed David Dewhurst in the race to fill the seat of retiring moderate Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. Will Tennessee be next?

Poskevich responds to the SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare, “As Tennessee's next US Senator I will only vote to confirm judges who strictly interpret the Constitution of the United States of America based on the Constitution's original intent.” ~ Zach Poskevich

More on Zach Poskevich on

Donna Campbell for Texas Senate District 25

Donna CampbellDonna Campbell stunned the political establishment with a strong second place finish in the Senate District 25 Republican Primary Election, earning her a spot in the July 31st runoff.

Donna Campbell is a true grassroots conservative who is a firm believer in limited government, fiscal responsibility, and the US Constitution as the supreme law of the land.

Donna knows that taxation, litigation, and regulation are the primary factors for our disastrous state of the economy and will fight on the behalf of Texans to loosen the government stranglehold that has been killing jobs in Texas.

Dr. Campbell is 100% Pro-Life and has received endorsements from the Texas Right to Life PAC and the Texas Alliance for Life. As a double-board certified physician, Dr. Campbell will lead the charge in Texas against the government over-reach of Obamacare.

Constitutional teacher Rick Green and Texas Eagle Forum leader Cathie Adams have also endorsed Dr. Donna Campbell for Texas Senate along with a host of grassroots conservative groups across Texas.

We invite TEA Party and all grassroots organizations to stand with Dr. Campbell and help her become the next Texas Senator for District 25!

More at or at

Greg Parker for Railroad Commissioner

Greg ParkerFor those of you familiar with Agenda 21, Greg Parker is the man to help elect to the position of Railroad Commissioner in the state of Texas. Parker has vowed to turn the mandatory smart meters in Texas to an “opt in” program. His opponent in this race, Barry Smitherman helped bring smart meters to Texas and to make them mandatory. However, sensing that the political winds and sentiment have changed, Railroad Commission Chairman and Former Public Utilities Chairman (PUC) Barry Smitherman now states he is working with Texas State Representative David Simpson to craft an "OPT-OUT' for consumers opposed to the Smart Meters.

Smart Meters are a hot topic right now and are proving to be controversial given the privacy and health concerns some Texans have. "I find this to be highly suspect at election time considering the fact that he [Smitherman] delivered this Government MANDATE and problem to the doorsteps of Texas Citizens in the first place. He has made his voice clear on this issue, he believes that choice should be taken away from consumers, that government knows best and that whether Texans like them or not Smart Meters are here. As we all know, government mandates (i.e. healthcare, smart meters) are something that has become a popular tool for some appointed and elected officials, yet it is now something that is despised by the voting public" said Commissioner Greg Parker.

Under Smitherman’s tenure at the PUC, the agency pursued implementation of Smart Meters. Despite his claims that Smart Meters were forced upon him by the state legislature, he traveled to Washington to brief White House Representatives on the benefits of the upcoming Smart Meter roll out and related issues here in Texas (1). Further, he has in the past made several statements regarding Smart Meter benefits and how they are ideal for stopping man made climate change (2). He was even re-appointed to the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Electricity Advisory Committee by liberal Secretary of Energy Steven Chu.

In contrast, Parker has widespread grassroots support. Conservative organizations backing Parker include Grassroots America We the People in Tyler, Boiling Point Tea Party, Fort Worth 912 Project, NE Tarrant Tea Party, Kingwood Tea Party, Texas Patriot PAC, Pearland Tea Party, Bryan-College Station Tea Party, and the Conservative Coalition at Frisco Lakes. Parker has also been endorsed by founder, Michael Kinzie.

More at or at

Conservative Candidates Across the Country

We are currently in the process of vetting additional candidates in various states that have upcoming primary elections including Michigan, Tennessee, Alaska, and others. Featured candidates will be included in future newsletters and also listed on the webiste in the "TEA Party Candidates" section.

Facebook Experts Wanted

"Facebookers" Wanted is looking for Facebook experts across the country to assist in supporting TRUE conservative candidates in the US. Our focus has been primarily on our website and we have neglected the possibilities offered by Facebook. While Facebook is not our primary choice in promoting candidates, it is a tool that should be taken advantage of.

If you have a good working knowledge of Facebook and would like to volunteer some time to helping elect conservative candidates in your state, would like to hear from you.

Please send us a brief bio of yourself including your Facebook experience, conservative grassroots organizations you are associated with, and why you would like to help Email your info to

Donna Campbell

Fly Your Flags

To show solidarity in our effort to defeat Obama and to end his unconstitutional actions and to end the path to socialism he has created, we are asking all like minded citizens to display the American Flag and/or the Dresden Tea Party flag or other Tea Party symbols from July 4th until victory on November 6th. The founding principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets that inspired the creation of our Country and the Tea Party are being overtaken by the exactly opposite progressive principles of this administration that for some reason appeal to the media and many citizens. This display of our patriotic symbols in great numbers will raise the issues and enable our message to be heard across the country thereby educating the Country to the consequences of four more Obama years.

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