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April 18, 2012 - Texas Primary Edition

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In this issue

  • Texas Primary Election Info
  • Gooden Mocks TEA Party
  • TP911 Founder Endorsements
  • The Battle of Athens (TN)
  • The TEA Party 3 Years Later

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  • Welcome!
  • In the Blogosphere
  • Fair Elections
  • Beebe vs. Straus
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In the Blogosphere

Fair Elections

If Voting Isn't Fair, We're Not Free: An Interview with Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote


Breitbart.com interviewed Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of anti-fraud organization True the Vote. Engelbrecht has taken citizen journalism and activism to the next level, leading the way in making sure the 2012 elections are free, fair, and transparent, in the face of efforts by the institutional left to suppress wildly popular voter ID legislation. ... More

Beebe vs. Straus


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Texas Primary Election Info

Matt Beebe and Family


Here are some helpful links to assist you with what you need to know about voting in the Texas primary elections. You'll find information on registering to vote, where to vote, who is running for office, researching candidates, candidate voting records, questionnaires for candidates, and much more.


How, When, & Where to Vote in Texas


Polling places are usually listed in your local newspapers in the weeks before the election. Your County Clerk or County Elections Administrator and local political subdivisions (school districts, cities, water districts, etc.) may also have websites with a list of where polling places are located. Call your County Clerk, County Elections Administrator, or local political subdivision conducting the election in order to find your polling location. For county websites & contact info click here.


Candidates in Texas Primary Elections



Researching Candidates



Questionnaires for Candidates



Gooden Mocks TEA Party

At a recent candidate forum in Kaufman, Texas State Representative Lance Gooden openly mocked the TEA Party. His disdain for the Tea Party is apparent. As a former educator for near 30 years, I took offense to his comments. We as educators know about the waste. We are also conscience of the dollars we spend. We could do much better job of budget control without government strings. ~ Ray Myers – Kaufman TEA Party


Rep. Lance Gooden Mocks the TEA Party - Video

TP911 Founder Endorsements

TEAParty911.com Founder, Michael Kinzie, has released the following list of endorsements for the Texas primary elections scheduled for May 29, 2012. The list is as of April 16, 2012 with additional endorsements scheduled in the coming weeks. Endorsements will not be limited to Texas, but some will be from various states across the country. Michael strives to endorse only those candidates with verified grassroots TEA Party support and candidates who have gained the respect of grassroots conservatives because of their deeds and not merely their words or how they answer questions on a form.


Bob Bagley TX HD 3 | Matt Beebe TX HD 121 | Tammy Blair TX SD 3 | Randy Brown TX HD 132 | Dr. Donna Campbell TX SD 25 | Wayne Christian TX HD 9 | Rachel Delgado TX HD 23 | T.J. Fabby TX HD 10 | Dan Flynn TX HD 2 | Robert Gonzalez US HD 14 | Mary Huls TX HD 129 | Phil King TX HD 61 | Jim Landtroop TX HD 88 | Daniel McCool TX HD 89 | Tan Parker TX HD 63 | Ken Paxton TX SD 8 | Charles Perry TX HD 83 | David Simpson TX HD 7 | Randy Stevenson TX SBOE | Van Taylor TX HD 66 | Heidi Thiess TX HD 24 | James White TX HD 19 | Don Willett TX Supreme Court Place 2 | Bill Zedler TX HD 96

The Battle of Athens (TN, USA)

Eric Holder

The Battle of Athens, sometimes referred to as the McMinn County War, was an armed rebellion led by citizens (many WWII veterans) in Athens and Etowah, Tennessee, United States, against the local tyrannical government in August 1946. What, never heard of it?

Read More & View Video

TEA Party 3 Years Later

Three years ago he was merely a face in a very large crowd, standing outside the Alamo on Tax Day as Glenn Beck spoke of drawing a line in the sand.


A businessman, husband, father of five and grandfather of 14, Bruce Baillio bought a miniature "Don't Tread on Me" flag and watched, a little sheepishly and mostly silently, as a movement was born before his eyes. Like most of America, he didn't know then what the tea party was.


Today, he is part of what it is morphing into. Read More

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