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March 19, 2012 - Ground Game Edition

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In this issue

  • Surprise Beebe Endorsement
  • Calling Troops to San Antonio
  • TX Primary Date Set 05/29/12
  • DO"S"J Attacks Texas


Now that the primary date is set for Texas, we will be focusing our efforts on those elections. We aim to keep voters informed, engaged, and making a difference in Texas!

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Candidates need grassroots support more than ever if we expect to win races in Texas. The establishment has the dollars; we have the grassroots. Volunteer to help true conservative candidates and make a difference!


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Surprise Beebe Endorsement

In a surprise announcement today, TEAParty911.com's founder, Michael Kinzie, announced his personal endorsement of Matt Beebe for the Texas House of Representatives in District 121 in the San Antonio area. Prior to today's announcement, Kinzie had never before formally endorsed any candidate since his involvement in the TEA Party dating back to April 15, 2009.


When asked why the break from his tradition of not endorsing candidates, Kinzie stated, "You have a unique situation in this particular race. In many races across Texas, voters normally have to hold their nose and vote for the lesser of two evils. Not so in this race. I envy the voters in HD 121 because they have the opportunity to vote against Joe Straus and for Matt Beebe with equal enthusiasm. Beebe is the only conservative in the race and has the credentials to prove it. Straus only claims to be conservative; however, his deeds do not support those claims." Read More

Matt Beebe and Family

Calling Troops to San Antonio

Matt Beebe, in his race against Joe Straus, has overwhelming grassroots support across the state. TEA Party, 912, We the People, Grassroots America, and many other conservative groups in Texas have been sending volunteers to San Antonio to assist in door-to-door campaigning in support of Beebe. Volunteers for the Beebe campaign have been coming in from Tyler, Longview, Dallas, Fort Worth, and across the state at their own expense to assist in campaigning for Matt Beebe. You too, can be a part of this grassroots effort!

Primary Date Set 05/29/12

Barring expedited appeals and intervention by the Supreme Court, voters can expect to go to primary polls May 29, 2012.


The federal court in San Antonio has ordered Texas to hold its primary elections on the date, resolving, for now, one of the biggest issues in the state's redistricting battles. Read More

DO"S"J Attacks Texas

Eric Holder

Eric Holder's Department of "Selective" Justice has blocked the Texas Voter ID law under the guise of protecting minority voter rights. Could the DOJ possibly be protecting something else? Like vacant lots with registered voters?

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