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Texas Tea Party 911 Alert Newsletter | Issue 001 | May 1, 2011
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Welcome to the Tea Party 911 Newsletter!

 Welcome to the premier edition of the Texas Tea Party 911 Alert Newsletter.  Each month you will find the latest content from Texas conservatives and others on issues of local, state, national and international importance.  More important you will find action items and alerts directed toward restoring our great Republic to its Constitutional limitations and to the greatness of our Founder’s vision.  Tea Party 911 is an interactive experience with letters to the editor and reports on what each group is doing and what is being effective.  Please forward Tea Party 911 to like-minded conservatives in your address book.  This is your newsletter.  Join the team.  Read, share and participate in the first effective refounders movement in 150 years.

The editorial staff at Tea Party 911

What Tea Partiers Need to Know

Redistricting | How a Red State Got the Blues:

Joe Straus | Texas Redistricting Plan | Beat-down of Texas Conservative Legislators
~ From the diaries by Erick / RS REDSTATE

Joe Straus | Texas Redistricting Plan | Depends on What the Meaning of Promise Is
~ by Ray Myers / North Texas Navigator News

Headlines in Political Retribution:

Obama Punishes Texas Over Governor Rick Perry
~ Refuses to Aid Texas Wildfire Victims - Article & Video

Rino Joe Rides Again! | Straus Hammers Reps with Redistricting
Speaker Joe Straus uses redistricting as a hammer on those who stood against him in the House Speaker race just like Rep Bryan Hughes said he would. - A Plea to Governor Perry for a Veto
~ by Mary Lou Bruner

Is the Tea Party Dead?From Your Editor's Archives:

Second Amendment Rights: Not Just a Right, It's a Duty
~ by Terrell AronSpeer

Is the Tea Party Dead? What Happened to Plan A?
~ by Terrell AronSpeer

In Defense of Liberty:

How Do We Defend the Constitution?
~ by Tammy Blair, Amy Knickerbocker, & John Marler

Are You a TEA Party Patriot?
~ by Debra Rosenthal-Ritter - Alvin TEA Party Patriots

For America’s Last Conservative Liberal:

Ask What You Can Do For Your Country
T~ by Jim Cash B/G, USAF, Ret.

Balanced Budget Amendment | About Time | About Money
T~ by Donald Mellon

Obamacare – Unfettered by Constitutional Constraints: (from a congress unrestricted by a sense of personal ethics):

Obamacare, Unconstitutional According to James Madison
~ by Donald Mellon

The Tea Party Is Watching Texas
~ Courtesy of the True Grit Patriots

Breaking Out of the Main Stream Media Ghetto:

Hispanic Conservatives Shall be Heard
~ by George Rodriguez

I Go Pogo:

We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us
~ by Peter Koch
    Executive Director
    Constitution Education Foundation
    Master Chief Petty Officer (E-9) Retired

Smoking Hot:

Cigarette Tax? How About a Big Mac Tax?
~ by Michael Kinzie

A Blast from the Past:

Alexander Solzhenitsyn | From 1978
~ by Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Tea Party Must See Videos:

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