Tea Party Protester Attacked




Tea Party Protester Attacked
NC Tea Party Protester Punched in the Face



This news story was aired on Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto” and clearly shows how a NC Tea Party protester was assaulted at a protest outside of Rep. Mel Watt’s office in Greensboro, NC. As it turns out, the man who threw the sucker punch was none other than Governor Vance Spencer, a registered Democrat and Greensboro resident. The man on the business end of the punch is the Chairman of the Forsyth County Republican Party, Nathan Tabor. Both men have now been charged with simple assault and are awaiting hearings.

The North Carolina Tea Party Patriots were protesting an amendment to the financial reform bill proposed by Illinois Senator Dick Durbin in which the Federal Reserve would take control of debit card interchange rates. According to witnesses, Spencer arrived on the scene and began shouting obscenities about Bush and Cheney. Again according to witnesses, Spencer pushed Tabor’s wife multiple times and Tabor stepped in to defend his wife. The shoving continued between Spencer and Tabor until the punch was thrown by Spencer.

Tea Party members are outraged and calling for an investigation into the possibility of Spencer violating Tabor’s civil rights and violating the civil rights of Tea Party supporters present at the protest. Others speaking on behalf of Tea Party supporters have said that they should be able to have a peaceful protest without the threat of being harassed, verbally assaulted, and even physically assaulted by the opposition.


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Follow-up comments and questions submitted by members:

  • Who is "Governor Spencer?"
  • I want to know if Spencer does jail time.
  • What's this about the feds taking over debit card interchange rates?






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