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FEC Investigation


Campaign for Liberty FEC Investigation
Silencing Free Speech with an Investigation & Gag Order

August 19, 2010

The Campaign for Liberty, a conservative organization, is under fire from the FEC. The Federal Election Commission has launched an investigation into the Campaign for Liberty stating that the group acted illegally by merely posting candidate’s records and positions on issues. This is an obvious attempt by the FEC to silence the Campaign for Liberty prior to the mid-term elections. No matter which side of the isle you are on, EVERY American should be outraged. It amazes me that ACORN gets a pass while conservative groups are being persecuted and attacked by Federal Agencies like the FEC and the IRS. This is more proof in the ever growing mountain of evidence that the Federal Government has grown too powerful and is willing to go to any lengths to silence the opposition. The following is a letter from the President of Campaign for Liberty, John Tate, providing as much information about the investigation to his members - which is not much due to the FEC directed gag order on the investigation.

Campaign for Liberty FEC Investigation


Dear Friend of Liberty,

The best way to know you are succeeding in changing Washington is when you get attacked by the FEC.

And attack us they have!

I'm writing you this letter today not to scare you or to cry wolf.  I'm writing to let you know that our success has its price, and that price right now is the wrath of the Obama Administration and its attack dogs at the Federal Election Commission.

I urge you to read this message and then sign the Declaration of Support (in which I ask for your advice on a critical legal and moral question), as we are forced into battle with federal agencies and courts.

You see, this isn't theoretical.  They've already come after us in multiple cases, alleging that Campaign for Liberty has acted illegally merely by putting the candidates on the record and reporting their positions.

My attorneys tell me we are under a gag rule and cannot go in to too many details or even tell you with what we have been charged and where the charges originated.

But I can say there have been at least two complaints filed in two different states against our issue discussion activities.

They claim we are in violation of various FEC rules and laws.

Their allegations are completely false.  And we must fight back now, or they will win and be able to silence our movement.

You see, the Washington, D.C. establishment doesn't like to be challenged.  They hate it when we fight back.

They are absolutely BESIDE themselves when we are winning.

In less than 2 years, your Campaign for Liberty has become a major force on the American political landscape.

I can give you a list of our accomplishments, talk about our growth (we are approaching half a million members), and show you press coverage from across the nation on our efforts.

But nothing shows our success more than how our enemies react when challenged.

When that happens, they do what they do best: use the power of the federal government to attack us.

They want to do one of two things: shut us up, or shut us down.

This battle is over a very fundamental idea - that Campaign for Liberty and our members should have a voice in lobbying their legislators and exposing the radical views of candidates for office.

Exposing what they're up to - that's what the powers that be can't stand.  That's because they don't want Americans to know:

** Congress is spending at a record pace and has now left us over 13 TRILLION dollars in debt, with no end in sight.

** The out of control FED has not accounted for nearly 2 trillion dollars and has doubled our monetary base, risking our entire economy.

** The federal government has imposed a mandate that every American either purchase a health care product the Feds approve of, costing tens of thousands of dollars, or risk fines and jail time.

** The federal government has attempted to take away your 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights, all in the past year, with more certainly to come.

We're exposing them - and holding them accountable as they come back home to seek reelection.

Of course, this may not sound like the end of the world.  But just think: the FEC has an ARMY of lawyers and a budget of nearly $70 MILLION dollars.

That's a lot of lawyers.

And add to it the fact that this group of people is adamantly against free speech under the First Amendment, and well, you have a recipe for trouble.

Subpeonas.  Depositions.  Fishing expeditions that cover tens of thousands of documents.

Legal fees just to defend our right to free speech.

Thousands of hours of staff time to comply with their demands.

You can see where this is going.

If FEC radicals succeed, I will not even be allowed to tell you and your neighbors how candidates for the House and Senate (or for President in the future) have voted on Liberty issues, so you can put the heat on them when they are most likely to listen.

Let me explain that a bit more.

For the first time ever, there is a nationwide group that is dedicated to holding politicians accountable for their votes on Liberty issues. 

It's Campaign for Liberty, and our over 450,000 members are doing battle across the country to hold the politicians' feet to the fire.

Whether it is getting more than 300 sponsors for Audit the Fed, or lobbying to stop Cap and Tax and Real ID schemes, Campaign for Liberty is making a difference.

And we're prepared to make an even bigger difference this fall, as the time comes to inform the people where their candidates stand.

So the statists in Washington are out to make sure that doesn't happen.

Their main weapon is the Federal Election Commission.

The FEC has always been against free speech and a tool of the powerful elite in Washington, who desperately seek to hang on to power.

But as bad as the FEC has been since its inception, with the Obama Administration in power, you and I face even more aggressive assaults on our free speech.

My attorneys have warned me that the puppets at the Federal Election Commission are ordering me to stop mobilizing hundreds of thousands of Americans against power grabs in Congress.

In doing so, they are trying to cripple our ability to stop dangerous legislation in Congress.  If we continue to oppose these Liberty-stealing bills as we have in the past, I face the danger of multimillion-dollar fines and even a jail term!

In fact, I may even be questioned in court for writing this letter tonight.

I must make a decision soon.  Should I allow the Federal Election Commission to tie my hands during this crucial election year? 

Or should I defy their gag-rule regulations . . . and face prosecution from the out of control federal authorities for exercising our right to political speech?

Please give me your answer by filling out the Declaration of Support.

If you and other members want me to proceed with our efforts to inform the public of the positions of your candidates on Liberty issues, and to oppose legislation in the Congress (and I hope you do), I will also need your financial help. 

So please consider making a generous contribution - even if you can only afford to chip in $10 - to help Campaign for Liberty continue this fight.

The fact is the enemies of Liberty are preparing for a political attack far more serious than their election power grab of 2008, in which they put in power some of the biggest enemies of freedom and promoters of Big Government in a generation. 

Our program to stop more statist takeovers in Congress is simple.  By mobilizing our grassroots army, we can put a lot of heat on individual Congressmen and Senators.

The FEC insists we can't do that during election years. 

They say by telling you where your Congressman and Senators stand, I may influence your vote.  The FEC election regulators contend that's illegal electioneering.

Basically, government bureaucrats and their out of control regulations insist I dismantle our lobbying operation during election years -- precisely at the time it would have its greatest impact.

Top legal experts tell me that this harassment by the FEC and any attempts to shut down our program violate several decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court and are flatly unconstitutional.

But they also warn me that if I challenge the FEC ruling, I may face a huge, tax-funded lawsuit which could stretch on for decades and cost us as much as a million dollars.

In addition to potential million-dollar fines and legal penalties, I also face an enormous funding challenge. 

Our program to fight back in Congress will require at least $3.2 million.

So there are a lot of decisions to make, and I wanted to be sure I have your support as we move forward.

If I am to proceed with this effort (which I am hoping you will allow), I will need more than just your authorization.  I will need your financial support as well.

I'm hoping you will be able to help with a special contribution - even if you can only afford to chip in $10 - to help Campaign for Liberty continue this fight.

Every dollar, every quarter, every dime will be used to defeat dangerous Liberty-stealing schemes in Congress and in all 50 states.

Pamela, please respond soon. 

This is one of the most far-reaching questions I have ever had to pose to you.  The future of Campaign for Liberty is at stake.

If our people are heard, I am sure Liberty will once again thrive in our country.  And we are making great strides in even just the past year.

So please, act today.  If you believe our voices should be heard, and that the federal government CANNOT be allowed to silence them, it's vital you answer today.

Please fill out your Declaration of Support, and consider making a generous contribution - even if you can only afford to chip in $10 - to help Campaign for Liberty continue this fight.

Thank you for all you do for Liberty.

In Liberty,

John Tate


The Lake Fork Tea Party Patriots and have left the links in Mr. Tate's letter active in the hopes that you will show your support for the Campaign for Liberty.

America, these are troubling times. The United States Constitution is being shredded before our very eyes with obvious and arrogant contempt. Federal agencies are practicing selective justice by prosecuting those that disagree with their policies while others get a pass. This is outrageous. We are urging all of our members to side with Campaign for Liberty and to show their support by signing the above declaration of support and with contributions to assist the organization in their upcoming legal battles.








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