SATIRE: Multi-Millionaire Hunter Biden sues Vegas dancer for breach-of-contract

Hunter Biden

Multi-Millionaire Hunter Biden sues Vegas dancer for breach-of-contract

Carlos Delicto, Reporting from Los Angeles

Daily Mail recently posted a photo of Hunter Biden, 49, and his pregnant wife Melissa Cohen, 32, strolling through The Grove in Los Angeles on December 27.

Hunter married the vivacious South African beauty last May – ten days after they met.  Cohen is pregnant with Hunter’s fifth child.

Meanwhile, Hunter is in paternity battle with a former stripper over their “lovechild”.  Lunden Roberts, 28, (pictured below) claims that Hunter has not financially supported her since she gave birth to their child in August 2018.  Hunter’s fourth child.

Lunden Roberts

Two independent, confidential sources inside the Joe Biden for President Campaign informed this reporter, on conditions of anonymity, that Hunter recently initiated a law suit against an unnamed transgender dancer in Las Vegas.

Hunter asserts that he paid $3,500 for a “dance lesson” that the trans person was unable to render, and that he was, therefore, defrauded by the dancer’s false claims of expertise and capabilities.

In the suit, Hunter claims they met in the 4.5 star Sin City Club Crawl in late 2018 where they agreed to go immediately to the dancer’s condo for a rumba lesson for which Hunter paid in advance, in cash, but never subsequently received.

The unidentified defendant in Hunter’s suit is pictured above right.