Movie Last Ounce of Courage Urges Americans To Take A Stand


By Lance Chancellor

My family and I had the great opportunity to view the film Last Ounce of Courage this past week with a theater filled with U.S. military veterans and their families. All branches of the military service were represented and it was an immense privilege getting to meet these veterans who had served in wars from World War II to the conflicts today in Iraq and Afghanistan.

From the moment the movie began, and without giving away the entire storyline, it was evident that the writers and producers meant to give special credit to the members of our courageous United States military for securing the freedoms we as American citizens enjoy. Yet, it became very clear early into the movie that these very freedoms paid for with the blood of patriots are being eroded away at a staggering pace.

Last Ounce of Courage in centered on Bob Revere who is a decorated Vietnam veteran, pharmacist and mayor of a small town nestled in the Rocky Mountains. He is married to Dottie. Their only child, Thomas, died 14 years earlier in the first Iraq war leaving behind his pregnant wife, Kari. Bob’s unresolved feelings about Thomas’ death are reawakened when Kari and her son, Christian, return from California to live with Bob and Dottie in Mount Columbus. The tensions between Bob and his alienated grandson, Chris, are gradually resolved as they view a series of video diaries that Thomas made before his death. Through these videos, the issues of sacrifice and freedom are introduced. With this backdrop, the citizens of Mount Columbus are confronting a hard-hitting lawyer from the “American Civil Liberties Organization”. Bob is drawn into the confrontation as Mount Columbus’s mayor. Together the community struggles to preserve their traditions and resist those that tell them their traditions are now inappropriate. They recognize it is time to take a stand for religious liberty, personal sacrifice and freedom. As the various plots unfold, the viewer is drawn to questions of freedom and sacrifice, especially in the face of political correctness. Last Ounce of Courage inspires audiences to take a stand for what you believe through personal reconciliation and unconditional love. The entire audience at the showing my family and I attended stayed in their seats through the final credits then stood and applauded. It was a moving moment and one that our family will never forget.

We are now at a pivotal point in American history and one that will decide the fate of our children and grandchildren. We can return America to its rightful place as a land of opportunity and freedom or continue down the path to an America in decline and waning influence and faced with financial ruin. It’s time to take a stand and save our country before it is too late. Please take a chance to go see Last Ounce of Courage this week in a theater near you. Be sure to take your family along and then come join other American Patriots in the fight to take America back and restore the freedoms we have lost and are losing.