More Governor Christie Doublespeak


doublespeak: “the practice of using ambiguous language regarding political, military, or corporate matters in a deliberate attempt to disguise the truth”

Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie this week again displayed his inclination toward political doublespeak.

Christie gave President Obama a forum to “look Presidential,” as the pundits write, just days before the election.  The New Jersey governor said,

“‘I’m pleased to report that he [Obama] has sprung into action to help get us those things immediately,’ the governor said. ‘It’s been a great working relationship to make sure that were doing the job people elected us to do.’

‘I cannot thank the president enough,’ added Christie, who’s {sic} statement drew a hearty handshake and a ‘Good job, Chris’ from the president as he stepped to the microphone.”

“Good job,” indeed, Governor, but for whom? Certainly not for the candidate at whose convention Christie was the Keynote Speaker.

This is, by the way, the same Christie who equated the Tea Party movement with the Occupy Wall Street protestors.  Remember?

“New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had some kind words for the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators at a town hall recently, saying, ‘I understand why they are angry.’

In remarks that sounded much like President Barack Obama, Christie drew a parallel between the Occupy Wall Street protesters and the Tea Party movement, a YouTube video released by the governor’s office on Tuesday shows.

‘I think that if you look at the Occupy Wall Street folks and the Tea Party folks, they come from the same perspective,’ said Christie. ‘They just have different solutions. What they’re saying is, ‘government is not working for me anymore.’

Although Christie did say that the Occupy Wall Street movement’s solutions were ‘probably 180 degrees different’ than those of the Tea Party, he added, ‘I understand why they are angry. Because you look at what’s happening down in Washington, D.C., and it should disgust all of us’.”

“Probably 180 degrees different?”  Really?  “Same perspective?” Seriously?  Did Christie look “disgusted” hosting Obama?  Will the real Chris Christie please stand up?