Monumental Errors


The News
You may have noticed recently an unprecedented volume of news items about the destruction of Civil War monuments.  An outsider would just assume that these monuments are recent additions to the American landscape and that the general population was not consulted before they were erected.  But this would be a monumental error. Most of these monuments have been enjoyed by generations of citizens and pigeons alike.  So what suddenly is so offensive?  Why now are they the focus of violent protest?  The answer to this question will enlighten even the most neglected intellect.

The Context
If we think we can fail to teach future generations anything positive about our nation’s history and produce citizens with any reverence for our nation’s traditions and contributions to the world community, we are making a monumental error.  If our education system actually replaces the thoughtful research of past history courses with emotion laden tirades based on the grievances of agenda driven negative and destructive political movements, we are making a monumental error.  American students, and even foreign students invited to partake of American education, are radicalized in the very classrooms we pay for.  Evidence for this assertion can be found in old episodes of “Jaywalking” and current offerings of “Watter’s World.”  We are amused because we think this is uncommon, an unusual event, but every interview with the producers of these shows indicate that little time is spent filming these segments and little is edited out.  More profound and destructive examples can be found in chaotic, leftist street demonstrations.  If you are a student of history, occasionally wading through source documents produced by our Founders, it is hard not to be in awe of their Christian virtue, their capacity for intellectual argument and their firm grounding in theology and Enlightenment philosophy.  Character traits like this, once a common feature of the American citizenry, are becoming rare.

The Left Acts Out
If we think the current outbreak of violence has anything to do with the left’s recently developing awareness of the evils of slavery, their righteous indignation and their determination to correct the history of a wayward nation, we have made a monumental error.  The history they are attacking is not America’s history; it is their own, the Democrat’s and the left’s.  They want it whitewashed.  Anti-Fa (“anti fascists”) is funded by a number of sources.  Two of the most generous are George Soros and a German Socialist Party.  I hope the irony of that second source is not lost on you dear reader.  Many of the Anti-Fa’s ground forces are paid protesters, not Americans fed up with unjust government.  Even knowing this, the American leftist press (the Pravda of the West) interviews these protesters as if they were sincere concerned citizens with legitimate grievances.  If we believe this Kabuki Theater, we are making a monumental error.  These are paid mercenaries, yet the leftist American press would have us believe there is some cataclysmic divide among average American citizens.

Sinister Manipulation
So let’s look at the other side: NAZIs, white supremacists, Klansmen and white nationalists.  You have to add the adjective “white” so you will know they are evil.  The white supremacists and white nationalists are just polite terms for the KKK.  They interchange symbols and political positions like women at a hat sale.  As people are generally becoming aware that the KKK was the exclusive work product of the Democrat party, they, the press specifically and the left generally, are more reluctant to use the term.  NAZIs are usually referred to as “right wing NAZIs” because without this modifier they would be instantly recognized as a variant of Socialism, a left wing political philosophy.  Translated from the German, NAZI stands for National Socialist Workers Party, so apparently this is two paid factions of the left battling it out and blaming the right – Kabuki Theater for sure, a sinister manipulation.  Pretty brazen; the only way one pulls this off is to make sure Americans are ignorant of their history.  This explains why, despite massive increases in school funding, the results are progressively worse. The left controls every aspect of our education system.  Two factions, both from the left – let that sink in; and blaming the right – it’s pretty audacious.  Don’t expect the American left leaning press to point out any of this.  That would be making a monumental error.

So if it’s not about monuments, what is it about?  It is about the wholesale destruction of Western civilization with the intent of replacing it with authoritarian rule.  If a roofing salesman knocked on your door and told you your roof was old and worn out and you should have it replaced, you would probably at least hear him out.  But what if that same salesman told you your roof was old, which you already knew, and he then said it was worn out, but you knew this not to be true; you would most likely invite him to leave.  Our country has lasted as long as all but a few republics.  It is without a doubt the most successful.  We gained not only our own independence, but the independence of hundreds of millions who had fallen under the boot heel of tyranny.  We put men on the moon.  No other nation has achieved this feat.  We have produced wealth from which the entire world benefits.  No nation has achieved more – EVER. This is not to say that we have no problems or faults, but where the country functions as originally designed, it is wildly successful to this day.  Yet these salesmen from the left will talk about how America practiced slavery without ever mentioning that Americans of every hue, ethnicity, and faith (Muslims excluded) fought to end this practice.  The omission is neither minor nor unintentional.  If we fail to notice this, we are making a monumental error.

Violent Mobs – Standard Leftist Tactics
Now in this scenario, an unscrupulous roofing salesman, still trying to make the sale, might hire some muscle to damage your perfectly good but old roof.  And that is where we find ourselves today.  America and American exceptionalism are under physical attack by Occupy, BLM (Black Lives matter), Anti-Fa and others.  The America we love, when properly constrained by its Constitution, works very well.  But this is quite a qualifier.  Those who have actually read the Constitution and the Federalist Papers are all too aware that our constitution is constraining very little these days.  Officials who take an oath to ‘protect and defend this constitution’ are often either ignorant of, or hostile to its contents.  Too long have we tolerated this practice.  Now all of our most basic foundational structures are being torn down.  For thousands of years and from America’s inception, homosexual marriage was unknown until 2004.  The concept of monogamous heterosexual marriage was so fundamental to Western culture, we never bothered to codify it.  It was a ubiquitous fact.  Everyone knew this obvious Biblical truth.  Anything else was unthinkable.  But within a few years it seemed just the reverse was true.  It was incomprehensible in the leftist press, or among political elites and Hollywood celebrities that anyone would have an issue with homosexual marriage, shocking that such bigots could live among us.  Feigned indignation is easy for an actor.  So looking around and not wanting to be the only one, people just fell in line.  How does such a fundamental precept completely flip in so short a period?  It does not happen without a lot of hard work behind the scenes.  If we believe this was an organic movement, we are making a monumental error.

New Normal?
It starts with arts and entertainment.  The bohemian lifestyle of these communities is the perfect petri dish for encouraging behaviors most would find outside the normal parameters for common behavior.  Using their ‘art,’ they push the gay agenda.  Watching TV in the 80’s and even more to this very day, one would assume the ‘gay’ population to be 25 to 30% of the general population.  It’s not even close.  But certainly, this is the percentage you find in fictionalized shows on TV.  This is a process called norming or making what is not normal seem as if it were.  If the left found that there was an advantage for them in convincing the American public that calf roping was an important activity, suddenly, every third character on TV would be into calf roping.  In every sitcom family there would be at least one calf roper.  Actors would announce they have been roping calves for years.  One third of all the participants in any reality show would have to be proficient in calf roping.  Political protections for this minority would be written into law.  Soon we would see it as a ‘normal’ activity and a number of us would take it up as well.  To blindly accept this “new normal” is a monumental error.  For normal to be new, one has to be willing to ignore all history preceding it.  It requires our willing participation.

Next is conferring victim status on the group or lifestyle to be promoted.  There was a time in America when no one wanted to be a victim, but there are so many benefits these days that people line up for the chance.  Suddenly all your press is favorable and anything you do is justified.  If you loot the town leaving a path of destruction in your wake, it receives scant attention in the left leaning press because you have a grievance.  The political class starts bestowing on you gifts and privileges ‘legally’ stolen from others.  Again, just like with homosexual marriage, transgenderism is suddenly being rammed down our throats.  Many people are conflicted as to whether to stand for their daughter’s right to privacy in a dressing room and a restroom or to display some inexplicable new found sympathy for a group they gave not a thought only a year ago.  Again this popped up out of the blue.  Cross-dressing was considered a mental issue and never before a license to invade our private spaces.  All this takes effort and some planning.  Everyone on the left is suddenly and inexplicably concerned about the treatment of our trans population.  I guarantee you, if you had asked them about this issue two years ago they would have looked at you as if you had the face of a quahog.  If we think these changes are organic, we are making a monumental error.

Now suddenly, statues of Confederate soldiers and their horses are deemed offensive.  These statues are cast in bronze for the most part.  There has been no change in the statues for decades.  Even the left no longer tries to justify slavery.  That went out of fashion when LBJ and a majority of Republican Congressmen managed to pass the voting rights act.  Once the left was no longer able to keep blacks out of the voting booth through taxation and coercion, they decided to embrace them, to entice them back onto the plantation by granting them access to the free labor of others – institutionalized slavery.  So the statues have been up for generations and slavery is universally recognized as an abomination.  So what changed?  It’s pretty obvious, Democrats needed a winning issue.  Even if they had to play both parts and orchestrate a victor and a victim, with the help of a complicit press and a pliable population, they would get it done. They assign one of their groups the mantle of their enemy, straw men, and made them as unsympathetic as possible.  They browbeat the press into reporting a one sided version of events – not a lot of effort required there.  Instantly, your opposition is a racist.  And they had no involvement in the events at all – Masterful Kabuki Theater.  If we buy into this, we are making a monumental error.  I’m throwing a flag on this play.

Anti-Fa – A Mob Too Far
So if Anti-Fa is not an organic movement, where did it come from?  Stay with me for a moment here as I take you on a tour of the not too distant past.  During the 2008 Presidential campaign, Obama called for a “Civilian National Security Force” the equal to the US military.  Click here . You may remember back in 2008, 2009 and 2010 receiving a number of emails from various groups claiming that Obama was amassing such a private army, to what purpose no one could say for sure.  Lacking credible specificity, these stories receded into the background.  But then there was the Occupy movement just in time for the 2012 election.  Then the Black Lives Matter movement sprang up in protest of the Trayvon Martin shooting, but did not come into its own until the, based-on-a-lie Ferguson affair.  Now seemingly out of the blue comes Anti-Fa. Obviously all these groups use similar tactics, obstructing traffic, looting and destruction etc. Most likely the groups were trained as “community activists” by a well funded organization. During his time in the White House, Obama massively expanded Americorp (first set up by Bill Clinton in 1993 as a domestic version of the Peace Corp).  It has gobbled up other agencies and spun off new ones.  For example VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) is now Americorp VISTA.  If you look at job postings for Americorp, you will find everything from Medical Technicians to plumbers.  Within this vast bureaucracy it would be easy to identify and cull out the young radical leftists necessary to populate these violent leftist groups.  How many members of Occupy, BLM and Anti-Fa are graduates of Americorp?  It would be interesting to find out.  One of the incentives to join Americorp is student debt forgiveness.  Recent unemployable graduates from leftist seminaries (American Universities) with useless degrees and a mountain of debt are the perfect candidates for such a “civilian security force.”  I’m just saying this needs to be looked into.  Failure to do so would be a monumental error.

BLM was used to cow the police and to let them know what their place was.  By the time Anti-Fa came on the scene, most police were all too willing to stand down, to neither protect nor serve as is their well publicized mandate.  Citizens should sue to recoup their tax dollars as police departments across the country are in breach of this contract.  Most Americans look on in incredulous disbelief as stores are looted, property destroyed and lives threatened or lost. Although the events are filmed in great detail, arrests are seldom made.  No one shows up to a “peaceful protest” masked and armed.  Why is there no attempt to stop these people, with obvious criminal intent, from engaging in protest activities?  It should be law – No masks, No weapons.  Why is this happening?  Police chiefs in big cities across the country are appointed by left wing mayors who are complicit in this farce.  To understand how governments and quasi governmental structures use violence against their own citizens to orchestrate an outcome, read Wild Swans by Jung Chang.  I could take this time to push my own books, but I am not because this issue is too important, the cost for being ignorant too high.  I have no hard evidence for these assertions beyond the obvious, but murderers have been acquitted on less.  Allow me to paraphrase, ‘if the pieces fit you mustn’t quit.’

Crimes and Abuses
So what are these pieces?  The left thought they had stolen and manufactured enough votes to count as a win for Hillary.  However, they violated LBJ’s cardinal rule, “count your votes last so you know how many you need.”  There was a lot of exposure for the left if they lost this election.  Many laws had been violated.  The public trust would forever be forfeit if the truth were to come out.  A few examples:
1. Why was their no response to cries for help from Bengazi?  They say there was not enough time, but no one knew how long this assault would take or that the outcome was a foregone conclusion.  This excuse is just nonsensical.  They put their trust in the efficiency of the murderers who obviously took longer than expected.
2. Why was there such a frantic effort on the part of the administration to cover up what actually happened in Bengazi?
3. The ripping off of the Haitian relief effort by the Clinton Foundation (Hillary had a campaign to fund).
4. The State Department under the watchful eye of Hillary Clinton brokered a deal to give control of 20% of America’s uranium deposits to Russia (Vladimir Putin).  Coincidentally, around this time, Bill Clinton was paid half a million to give a speech to a Russian Investment Bank.  Also, the Russian company which took control of the uranium deposits gave 2.35 million to the “Clinton Foundation” which is known for consuming 98% of donations to cover “expenses” (read salaries and lavish lifestyles).
5. Why did Huma Abedin, Hillary’s trusted assistant, simultaneously draw three six figure salaries from State, the Clinton Foundation and Teneo Group, a Bill Clinton founded private corporation?
6. Then there was the Iran deal in which 400 MILLION was delivered to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in a deal to secure the release of American hostages.  Although the Administration claimed no ransom was paid for the hostages, the plane with the hostages was delayed on the tarmac until the plane with the money arrived and was accounted for.  Two days later another 1.3 Billion was delivered.  The money was in foreign currency delivered on wooden pallets.  Constitutionally, congress holds the purse strings.  Is this just outright theft from the American Treasury?
7. Then there was the destruction of evidence by Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State.  Much of this evidence alludes to crimes, not all of which are known to us.  We all remember the email shell and pea game, Bleach Bit, and the hidden hard drives beaten to death with hammers. Make a list of all the people you know who took a hammer to a hard drive.  Now cross out the ones who were hiding something.  Anyone left?
8. The election stolen from Bernie Sanders; how much was paid for his silence?  Although he is doing quite well after the election, his supporters are suing to get their donations back.
9. There is also the use of the IRS under Obama to stifle conservative political competition – a gross abuse of power.

These are just a few of the most obvious crimes and abuses.  The scab is wide, the wound is deep.  I will not list all the actionable items.  I assure you there are more than I know.  The list would be longer than the ACA (the Afordable Care Act – Obamacare).  But you can see why Democrats are desperate to shut all investigations down.  I will not list all the inconvenient deaths of possible witnesses as it again is just speculation into the obvious.  Apparently, higher arrest rates for blacks are suspicious, but all this is just coincidence.  Ignoring this volume of obvious evidence, failing to investigate and prosecute these crimes would be a monumental error.

Shadow Government and the Mantle of Authority
The new normal, we are told, includes privileged radical leftist groups like, Occupy, BLM and Anti-Fa.  We should not accept this.  We pay taxes to government to maintain reasonable order. The tactics of these groups are from the text book of international radical Marxists.  The reason these tactics are confusing to the American public is that in our “history” classes, we were never taught to recognize the consistent activities and patterns of leftist takeovers.  However, there are numerous international sources which catalogue these tactics in country after country.  We do not have to remain ignorant of this.  Wild Swans catalogues and explains how government uses groups like this to control and suppress citizens who have a yearning for liberty. Interestingly enough, it is a great read and will appeal to those normally drawn to the sort of narrative only fiction provides.  Note that as a past President, Obama still retains the mantle of authority.  Bringing the elements of shadow government, utilizing personnel he spent eight years installing into positions of power, together with the tactics of left wing militants (community organizers), which he also spent his years as President assembling, is easy for him. With operatives in place in government as well as in radical militant leftist mob armies, and with the assistance of a leftist press, Obama is in perfect position to bring America down.  If we think this is not a real threat, we are making a monumental error.

As the flood waters recede from Texas and we fade from national attention, once again the left will pursue their evil agenda.  Will they pick-up where they left off, feigning indignation at the existence of Confederate monuments?  It doesn’t matter.  This issue is as good as the next.  And there will be a next issue.  If we think it ends here, we are making a monumental error.

To recap: The eight years of the Obama administration was a criminal enterprise.  In this article I have listed only the most obvious of examples not only of his criminality, but of many associated with him.  Additionally, the eight years of his administration were spent building the structures necessary, a shadow government, to bring America down.  States from Texas to Virginia to California have serious and active secessionist movements.  The fundamental foundations of America are laid to ruin: the family unit, monogamous marriage, and fundamental constitutionally protected rights to speech, worship and self protection.  Hate him all you want, Obama was wildly successful in his yet to be completed mission.  The press, the entertainment industry and our educational institutions had already been working on these issues for decades.  They were Obama fans before he was even conceived.  The leftist paramilitary units are all interchangeable and rebrand themselves just like Islamist terrorist groups and for the same reason, to keep us confused with these shell and pea games.  Anyone who arrives at a peaceful demonstration with a mask and/or weapons should be arrested or at least detained for 72 hours.  Whole police departments which have tolerated these lawless acts and prosecutors who have failed to pursue these cases should be replaced.  These flash mobs of hate and destruction are the tools the left uses to manipulate us, to contort our limbic brains to their purpose.  If we continue to embrace our ignorance, if we fail to take strong corrective action, we will lose this country.  It is a monumental error.

I was passionately critical of candidate Trump during the election.  However, he has pleasantly surprised me with courageous stands he has taken.  He seems a true friend of Israel.  He sought to expose the unpermitted Anti-FA’s complicity when the press was determined to make the permitted “right wing” NAZIs in Charlottesville the sole villains.  From this article I hope you understand that both of these groups are creations of the left and the whole affair just a manipulation.  But Trump must get busy and fire in mass this shadow government.  He must prioritize this task to all department heads.  Additionally, he must realize that the Judicial Branch depends on the Executive Branch to enforce its edicts.  This is a check our Founders put in place to protect us from a predictably authoritarian judiciary.  He must ignore these judicial fascists and their unconstitutional edicts.  He should guarantee that any bureaucrat, charged for violating a court order which contradicts his executive orders, will immediately be granted a presidential pardon.

God Help Us
Those who are Biblically grounded know God uses evil doers to punish the previously faithful who have turned their back to Him.  These are no trivial matters.  Usually countries which fail to follow the Word of God involve themselves in idolatry, blatant rejection of God and/or child sacrifice.  As we drive God from the school, from the public square, from our private lives and abort our children as a matter of convenience, what do we expect?  Whether we win or lose this battle is of less importance than which side we are on.  We can pray for God to be on our side, but until we are on His, it will never happen.  Expecting this would be a monumental error.

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