Konni Burton for Texas State SenateToday, Tarrant County resident Konni Burton officially launched her campaign against Wendy Davis for State Senate District 10. Konni Burton is a conservative activist who has been engaged in grassroots politics at the state and national level. In addition to her boots on the ground work to send conservatives to Austin and D.C., she has worked to educate & mobilize other grassroots conservatives as well. She has worked with various conservative grassroots groups and is currently on her second legislative session with the Tea Party Caucus Advisory Committee that travels regularly to Austin to meet with legislators.

In announcing her candidacy Burton stated, “After being approached by conservatives across Tarrant County about running for State Senate, I’ve decided to enter the race. With the federal government’s mounting debt, it is imperative that we make Texas strong. We need public servants in Austin that will protect the taxpayer and put Texas on the path of sound fiscal policy while reducing the size of our state government. We need to keep our state’s Rainy Day Fund strong so that it’s there for our citizens in the event of an economic downturn. We need to prevent the implementation of ObamaCare in Texas so that this government overreach doesn’t bankrupt our state. We need to stop the state of Texas from using our tax dollars to pick winners and losers in the market. Parents need to have the choice to choose which school is best for their child’s education. And our 2nd amendment rights need to be protected and the rule of law enforced so that our citizens can feel safe in their communities.”

Leaders, grassroots activists and elected officials in the district and across Texas weighed in on Burton’s announcement.

Bedford State Representative Jonathan Stickland endorsed Burton saying, “Konni Burton is one of the strongest conservative leaders in Tarrant County. She’s a fiscal and social conservative who can articulate our values in a way very few can. I’m proud to endorse her campaign and look forward to serving alongside her in the Texas Legislature.”

Robert D. Smith, Board & Steering Committee Member of the NE Tarrant Tea Party said, “I have known Konni for several years. She is a great conservative. I have worked with her on conservative causes and she goes all out dedicating her time, talents and resources. She will do anything needed to support her candidate or cause. I support her because I know she will make a great State Senator.”

Executive Director of Grassroots America and chairman of the Tea Party Advisory committee JoAnn Fleming also endorsed Konni saying, “”Texas desperately needs leaders who will actively work for – not just talk about – limited government, economic liberty for all, and driving special corporate interests out of the Capitol. Konni Burton understands state government needs to steer clear of piling more debt on future generations of Texans because she knows “borrow and spend” is just as bad as “tax and spend.” For commonsense leadership that won’t play games with your money and your liberty, support Konni Burton for state senate. I am.”

Konni and her husband Phil reside in Colleyville and have two daughters. Tori is a Junior at Tarleton State University and Faith is a Junior at Grapevine High School. Konni and her family are active members of Calvary Lutheran Church in Richland Hills.

Visit KonniBurton.com