Key Provision in Defense of Marriage Act is Struck Down by U.S. High Court


Double Minded Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA !

By Scott Rohter, June 2013


Elvis has left the building and the Supreme Court has left town… But just before they did they handed down a raft of major decisions. Amazingly enough some of them weren’t so bad. The net effect of the Supreme Court’s two decisions today on DOMA and on California’s Proposition 8 is that the power to decide whether or not to permit same sex marriage is left up to the States as it rightfully should be. This decision should not be construed as a defeat for traditional Christians, but rather as a victory for advocates of limited government, and for all of us who still love the Constitution. Apparently they still occasionally read it over there at the Supreme Court. These two decisions should NOT be viewed as a victory for all those who like to make love to someone of the same sex, no matter how hard they try to convince you. They should be viewed as a victory for all those who love the Constitution.

A crucial part of the Defense of Marriage Act that once defined marriage for the entire country as a social contract between one man and one woman has been struck down today by the Supreme Court as un-constitutional. That is true. This legislation was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Clinton in 1996. The new high court with two new Obama appointees on it who are both women, and who are both lesbian activist judges did exactly what most observers expected they would do. The Supreme Court’s decision therefore came as no surprise.

“Elvis is not the only thing that has gone out of the building. The fundamental brick and mortar of values and civilization upon which all traditional societies have been built for the past 5,000 years has now been removed from the building too. The only thing left holding up the house is our Constitution, and God help us if they altogether stop following that. However this decision today really only affects twelve States. Those are the twelve States that have already passed laws allowing same-sex marriage to occur within their boundaries.They are…

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