Ken Cope Joins Race for U.S. Senate in Texas


~ by Kristine Tanzillo ~

MIDLOTHIAN, Texas, December 18, 2013 – Ken Cope, retired U.S. Army officer and businessman, has entered the race for U.S. Senate in Texas with an appeal to Republican voters to send a better quality of leadership to Washington.

Cope is a new breed of Republican who believes that the party needs to be more inclusive and do a better job of reaching out to minorities and the economically disadvantaged with a message of economic growth and fiscal responsibility. A retired Army Lieutenant Colonel who worked in the aerospace industry for nearly three decades, Cope has never before run for public office.

“I am not a political figure,” Cope said. “I am just an average citizen who believes we need new representation in Congress.  Our party has gotten off track and is too heavily influenced by ‘establishment’ Republicans.”

The current Senator, although he is conservative, is a prime example, Cope said. “Being a conservative does not make John Cornyn a leader,” Cope declared. “His lack of leadership has helped get us where we are today, with tax increases, debt limit increases, and a healthcare debacle that is ruining the lives of far too many average Americans.”

Pledging that if he is elected, he would not serve more than two terms before returning to private life, Cope said that if more candidates promised to do that, it would reduce the influence of big money in national politics.

“My promise to Texans is that I will come home just as broke as I am now. I will never have $7 million in a campaign fund as our current Senator does. If elected, I would not even accept any re-election campaign donations until 18 months before the next election,” Cope said.

Because he has received no donations yet and is funding his campaign so far entirely out of his own pocket, Cope said what he plans is truly a grassroots effort.

“I am going to rely on the Internet and as many personal speaking appearances as I can schedule,” he said. “I am counting on Republicans who agree that we need a change to help me get my message out through social media and to help me with small donations that I hope will add up and allow me to spread the word across this huge state.”

Cope said his campaign leading up to the March 4 primary election will focus on practical solutions to the illegal immigration issue, support for the lives of unborn babies, replacement of Obamacare, and getting government out of the way of economic growth.

Information about the campaign and Cope’s positions on the range of significant issues confronting Texans and all of America can be found at the campaign website,, and the Facebook page, Cope is also on Twitter at @CopeTexas.