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Texas Voter ID Bill


Texas Voter ID Bills Tea Party 911 Alert



Texas Voter ID Bill 911 Alert!

Calling all Patriots! Time to get a head start on Photo Voter ID in the Texas House!

Why? Various Voter ID bills filed in TX House show some Reps don't get it! Some bills are "either photo ID or other forms of ID" such as water bills and library cards! Nothing but a strong Photo ID to Vote bill is acceptable!

Most disturbing is the news I got late last night that Republican House leadership intends to weaken the Photo Voter ID Bill when it comes out of the TX Senate. SB 14 came to the Senate floor yesterday – SB 14 as it is now and not yet amended -- is a true photo voter ID bill. Debate on SB 14 continues today. To watch the Senate live from your own computer, click on: http://www.senate.state.tx.us/bin/live.php

SB 14 (Senator Fraser's bill which has been co-authored by all 19 Republican State Senators) requires an unexpired photo ID from a government entity.

Many Republicans in the Texas House are pushing for a weaker bill that would allow for two paper forms of identification instead of a Photo ID from a government entity only. The paper forms of ID included in some of the Republican bills would include a library card or a letter from a government agency! This is outrageous and insulting! We all know these two forms of identification are like requiring no ID at all! Illegal aliens and citizens trying to vote under phony names get library cards and government services!

It is urgent that you contact your state representative immediately by calling and/or faxing! Many Reps admit to not keeping up with e-mail, but their staff must manage calls and faxes! It is time to let them know we mean business about election integrity!

We know Rep. Leo Berman and Rep. David Simpson will hold firm, but call anyway to thank them and tell them "we have your back." Leo: Austin (512) 463-0584; Tyler: (903) 939-2400

David Simpson: Austin: (512) 463-0750; Fax (512) 463-9085

Calls are needed to Rep. Bryan Hughes who voted "present" in the Speaker's race:

Austin (512) 463-0271; Fax (512) 463-1515; Mineola: (903) 569-8880; Fax (903) 569-8889

Calls and faxes are needed to TX House Speaker Joe Straus. Call or fax both the Austin and District offices. Melt down his phone lines! Austin office (512) 463-1000; Fax (512) 463-0675 District Office in San Antonio: (210) 828-4411 Fax: (210) 832-9994

Points to make:

Only a true Photo Voter ID will do!

Your job as an elected official is to ensure our votes are not being canceled out by the votes of illegal aliens and vote fraud!

We are watching this legislation closely. No compromises will be acceptable!

If your state representative is not listed in this e-mail, go to this link to find phone & fax numbers:

Conservatives, let them hear from you today. They ARE hearing from the liberals!

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