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Texas Rainy Day Fund - HANDS OFF!
Debating the Texas Rainy Day Fund

What is the Texas Rainy Day Fund?
Updated March 4, 2011

What is the Texas Rainy Day Fund? - HJR 2, 70th R.S. 1987 proposed the creation of the Economic Stabilization ("Rainy Day") Fund. The constitutional amendment was approved by Texas voters on November 8, 1988.

Texas Rainy Day Fund - Action Items, Articles, & Related Resources

Action Item - Sign Petition

Sign the petition to stop Texas from raiding the Rainy Day Fund!(Set up by the NE Tarrant Tea Party)


The Rainy Day Fund is for unexpected, one-time emergencies. Please sign this petition now to let Texas legislators know that the current budget deficit does not rise to the level that justifies raiding the Rainy Day Fund.

Hand Delivered Letters to Representatives (Free Service by EmpowerTexans)

The written word remains the most powerful way to communicate with your elected officials. As postage rates soar and letters crawl through the system, e-mail is a tempting alternative. But spam, technical glitches, and a host of other problems make it an unreliable means of communication.

To help you be effective in your communications, EmpowerTexans is happy to provide this format for writing letters. Simply choose who want to send the letter to (even if you don't know who your state representative or senator is, we can take care of adding that), write your note on any subject, and EmpowerTexans will hand-deliver it to their Austin office.

Write a letter to be hand delivered to a Representative in Texas

Making Spending Cuts in All the Wrong Places -- Texas Public Schools
Article in the North Texas Navigator News

Texas does not need to use the Rainy Day Fund to plug the school financing hole.  Texas administrators also do not need to lay off classroom teachers. The per-pupil spending in Texas’ public schools is $11,567.00, and that is enough to teach the large majority of students the all-important knowledge and skills necessary for academic success IF (1) schools and teachers will practice consistent discipline and IF (2) quality curriculum is used. Read More

Texas Legislature is Ready to Rob "Rainy Day Fund"
Blog on OurBrokenGov.org

It is time for Texans to once again have their voices heard. The Economic Stabilization Fund, also known as the Rainy Day Fund, was established by the Texas legislature to provide funds for unexpected, one-time emergencies. To rob the fund now is the easy way out for our State Legislature. We continue to shout it, we thought we had made it clear in November, the answer is simple… CUT SPENDING ! We're TEXANS, we'd be happy to live with LESS GOVERNMENT, when the going gets tough, we do what's necessary to get the job done… LET ME SAY IT AGAIN… CUT SPENDING!
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Article in the North Texas Navigator News

Below are several examples of school superintendents' salaries and benefit packages. Notice that it is the "perks" built into the school superintendents' contracts that run up their salaries. This is why the public needs to look at superintendents' contracts to see what special perks are buried in the midst of those documents. Because superintendents are paid public money, those contracts are public records and can be viewed by the public upon request. Case in point: Superintendent in Eanes ISD in Texas. Her extra perks amount to at least $70,000 a year on top of her base salary of $231,063.00 (School Year 2010 - 2011).
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Putting the Pieces Together and Fighting the Battles Ahead!!
Alice Linahan blog post on LibertyLinked.com

It all comes down to the fact that Knowledge is power and in order to hold accountable those who are paid out of the Government coffers it is imperative that we as Americans know how our tax dollars are being spent. Today I was going through my e-mails and up popped one from my children's school. Here is a look at that email. Read More

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