Texas House Pledge Cards

Say NO to RINO Joe!


Texas House Speaker Pledge Cards


Say NO to RINO Joe and the Texas House Speaker Pledge Card System!
June 14, 2011

Texas House Speaker Pledge Card System
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Get after the Rino's

"Should I pledge to Joe Straus, or should I pledge to the People of Texas?"

With the close of the 82nd Session of the Texas Legislature Conservatives have little to show for
our, Republican "Super Majority!"

With Speaker Joe Straus controlling the agenda we knew from the start that our Conservative Mission would have problems.
• Budget-- More Spending and a dip into our Rainy Day Fund
• Immigration-- A watered down Voter ID and little else
• Redistricting-- You have to be kidding--a total disaster--House and School Board.

Now Speaker Straus is asking his Rino's to fall in line for the 83rd Session. His message, "See how great this session turned out---please sign my pledge card---if you sign I'll promise you thousands of dollars and a great committee position on 2013."

If history is to repeat itself, you know what to expect in the next session. That is why we fought so hard to elect Ken Paxton as our Speaker. We will be lucky to get near 25% of the Conservative Legislation for Texans.

We cannot stand for this: "The way we win--we show up!"--AND-- kick them out in March!

We have eight months to bust their strangle hold on the Citizens of Texas.! You must be vetting candidates now.
Let's get with it-- Time is on their side.

Ray Myers
Kaufman County Tea Party
"If you love freedom, let our voices be heard. We will be silent, No More!"

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