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Over regulated and Over Mandated
~ by Jeannette Giles ~ August 25, 2011

Smart MetersTX HB 2129 passed in 2005 created a law for use by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUCT) to grant energy producers permission to require the installation of smart meters replacing older meters including the off premises meter reading devices. One such consumer, Thelma Taormina of Houston, is concerned about such a product and installation.  ‘Door hangers notified consumers smart meters would be installed, if consumers were not home they would find another door hanger with instructions to call and set a time when they would be home so their meter could be installed.1’ In Ms Taormina’s case, she received a door hanger congratulating her regarding the completed installation of her meter prior to the meter’s installation. An installer came to her property and requested access to install the meter; she refused since he did not present any identification other than wearing a shirt with the installation company’s logo. He then jumped her fence, made physical contact with her and only after she armed herself did he leave her premises. There are possible charges pending related to this incident.

This law precludes consumer’s ability to refuse installation of the smart meter. Surcharges were also set, beginning a $3.24 surcharge per month continuing until 2009, when the surcharge would drop to $3.05 until January 2021. Does this violate the Constitutional right protecting consumers from government mandating the purchase of any product regardless of any supposed benefits?

What Are Smart Meters?

Smart meters appear to be innocent efficiency assistants.  Allowing consumers to monitor their peak consumption times and even networking appliances within the home showing what each appliance uses in energy and the cost to do so.  This should be something we as consumers would welcome, but it comes with a two edged sword, what can be a good thing has the opposite in that corruption can supercede the benefit of good.  Agenda 21 is an international movement to compromise the sovereignty of the United States, usurping the Constitution and eventually negating it as the law of the land.  Executive order 13575 establishes the White House Rural Council.  Under Executive Order 13575 the Secretary of Agriculture serves as the chair and heads of 25 different agencies make up the council. Departments of the Treasury, Defense, Justice, Interior, Commerce, Labor, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Energy, Education, Veterans Affairs,  Homeland Security, EPA, FCC, Management and Budget, Science and Technology, National Drug Control Policy, Council of Economic Advisers, Domestic Policy council, National Economic Council, SBA, Council on Environmental Quality, White House Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs and White House Office of Cabinet Affairs, and such other executive branch departments, agencies, and offices as the President or the Secretary of Agriculture may, from time to time designate. A definite who’s who in government affairs.

Agenda 21Their mission is to ‘work to coordinate development of policy recommendations to promote economic prosperity and quality of life in rural America, and shall coordinate my {the president} Administration’s engagement with rural communities. 2’.  In conjunction with Agenda 21, which takes from developed countries and distributes to developing countries funds, trade, imports, etc.  This rural council could seek to compromise rural areas ability to produce foods, raise livestock, use of resources like water, gas and electricity. When prosperity development is a goal adopted by a governing agency it in effect means, let us tell you how to raise your crops, your livestock, measure the amount of natural resources you use and “help” you perform these tasks more efficiently under yet to come regulations and you will pay to have us assist you.  Or are regulations yet to come?  The smart meter is just one of the many types of devices/programs to be forced on the consumer, it surely won’t be the last.

For years Texans have been threatened by the abuse of eminent domain laws, where even foreign entities can claim eminent domain in order to further their purposes. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the President have agreed to the New-Start Treaty, which certainly strips citizen’s 2nd Amendment rights at the behest of the international community. The citizens of this nation should be questioning any proposed legislation or executive orders that will continue to erode and infringe upon the Constitution of the United States.  Texas HB 3693 passed in 2007 is a law that regulates schools, government properties including lands and buildings.  Contained in Sec 2165.008 is the mandate that “no incandescent can be used to replace a light bulb in the state buildings or on state grounds.” 3 

 A challenge to us all is to first know your rights, study and educate yourself on the Constitution, the privilege of liberty from a national, state and local perspective.  Understand that although it may take diligence beyond comprehension, it is better to stop a law/regulation before it is in place, once in place the odds decrease considerably in complete overturn of that law/regulation. What are the connections to the different groups your communities are associating with? What is their mission statement?

Jeannette Giles



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