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Campus Concealed Carry


SB 354 Campus Concealed Carry Texas


SB 354 Campus Concealed Carry on Life Support in Texas

SB 354 Campus Concealed Carry

Campus carry is currently on life support. To quote an insider "It's pretty badly wounded". Due to the Rose Bush rule in the state senate, 21 votes are needed to bring a bill to the floor for a vote. Friday evening the author of SB 354(Campus Concealed Carry), Senator Wentworth was going to make a motion to bring the bill to the floor for a vote. He had polled fellow members of the senate and had 22 votes. At the "11th" hour two of t...hose senators pulled their votes. Those senators are Mario Gallegos and Eddie Lucio. Please contact these members and let them know you that this bill deserves a vote. This bill passed the senate last session 20-11, but died in the house. The house has 89 authors/co-authors and will not be a problem passing this session.


SB 354 Action Item:


Contact the following Texas Senators

Mario Gallegos Phone-512-463-0106 Fax-512-463-0346

Eddie Lucio Phone-512-463-0127 Fax- 512-463-0061


Time permitting it wouldn't hurt to contact the following senators as well.

Wendy Davis Phone-512-463-0110 Fax-512-475-3745

Rodney Ellis Phone-512-463-0113 Fax-512-463-0113

Juan Hinojosa Phone-512-463-0120 Fax-512-463-0229

Steve Ogden Phone-512-463-0105 Fax-512-463-5713

Jose R. Rodriquez Phone-512-463-0129 Fax-512-463-7100

Carlos Uresti Phone-512-463-0119 Fax-512-463-1017

Leticia Van de Putte Phone-512-463-0126 Fax-512-463-2114

Kirk Watson Phone-512-463-0114 Fax-512-463-5949

Royce West Phone-512-463-0123 Fax-512-463-0299

Judith Zaffirini Phone-512-463-0121 Fax-512-475-3738



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