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Two Party System ~ Failed?


Political Party System FailedPolitical Party ~ Two Party System Failed?
Government Based on the Original United States Constitution
~ Proposed and Submitted by Johnnie Johnson
July 11, 2011

Fellow Americans, let the time now be at hand to get rid of the Political Party systems. Let there be no more Democrat Americans or Republican Americans, but rather let us separate ourselves and claim all our rights as ‘independent Americans parting’ with Political Constitutions and Political Platforms to fully embrace our United States Constitution, as the founders intended. Let us stand upon our own feet and use our own voices in government to unite in a brother hood of free people, determined to re-establish the original controls the founders implemented to keep our Federal Government in complete servitude and the people involved and free.
As is now shown, an earlier generation of Americans were persuaded to un-wittingly under-mine many of the safe guards that protect citizens from government, which has resulted in diminished citizen oversight and control of our servants in government.

In 1913 The Federal Reserve Board was organized, which provided a revamping of our monetary system. (Which is only mentioned to show that 1913 was certainly a year for huge government changes.)

In 1913 The Congressional House of Representatives was enlarged for the last time with the increase of population, to the number of 435, and a new precedent was begun. Prior to 1913 when Arizona and New Mexico joined the Union as States, the House was enlarged by one Representative apiece. After 1913 though, when Alaska and Hawaii joined as states, the Representatives of other states were diminished, even though their populations had grown, to provide a Representative for Alaska and one for Hawaii. Now days, a new State joining the Union, or an increase in the population, no longer brings an increase in the House of Representatives. The population has increased over 200 million people since 1913 and the House is still, to this day only 435, and the power of the people over their government is continually diminishing. The founders did not design just a legal representation to bind the people, they wanted the heart and soul of the people expressed in government, and their complete control over it. The founders wanted every government program functioning through out the nation, in a manner agreeable to the citizens, and every tax dollar justified. This required oversight is impossible for just 435 Representatives to perform in today’s United States of America.

In 1913 the 16th Amendment was ratified giving the Federal government power to assess and collect taxes directly upon individual citizens and or companies with all the power of the Federal government. Today’s Federal process of taxing completely removes the safety net the Founders put in place. Originally the States were placed between citizens and the Federal government to assure that the collecting of Federal taxes remained agreeable to the people and as fair as possible. We would be wise to return to this process of gathering Federal taxes according to the directions of our elected State Legislators.

In 1913 the 17th Amendment was ratified, changing the manner in which our Congressional Senators were selected by moving this action from our State Legislatures to the general public. This action weakened the national voice of the people and the power of the states, in the Federal government. The general public likes the idea of exercising the power to elect, but they do not stay engaged. Voting is only part of the responsibility. Our Congressional Senators need to also be continually informed, watched over and held accountable. These functions, the people of the state do not have the time, interest or ability to do. The State Legislature on the other hand, is made of people from around the State and is already organized and qualified to give voice and perform these other functions for the people of the whole State, in a very short time frame. We would be wise to return this authority of selection, informing and holding accountable our Congressional Senators, to our State Legislature, thus empowering the States in the controlling our Federal Government for the people.

Election of our US President and Vice President
Americans have allowed the manner in which we elect our President and Vice President to be different from the process outlined and required of us in our United States Constitution. This issue should be studied and weighed by all Americans to understand the method and reasons why the founders set it up the way they did. For generations now we have been selecting what we feel is the better of two bad choices, and it looks like it is going to happen again. Let us return to the design of the founders and have specialists (Electors) choose from many candidates, in a quite fashion, and not have the election based on limited political party selection, money and lofty promises.

A wonderful and powerful benefit to all Americans, if we return to the manner in which the founders originally designed our government to function, is that we will not need political parties of any sort. We can get rid of them all, and allow the power of the American spirit to unite and function in Congress and through out the States without their divisive influence to gum up the works and juggle for power to exert on others. It is this devotion to Party, above America, which makes it difficult for congress to get the votes necessary for controlling the powers of the purse and impeachment of civil officers. Let’s remove the voice of any political party in congress. They are not, by the Founder’s design, any part of the Constitution or intended in the people’s government.

            The people of our day in age need to rediscover the American Strength of united Freedom. We may come from different nations, but when we have our citizenship in America, let’s blend into one. There should be no designation or box to check on any form, describing us as anything other than American Citizen or not. Our previous nationality or ethnicity is not to effect the manner in which any American is treated by governmental power or influence in America today. When we are accepted as a member of the American family and are committed to work for the values of America, we need to be treated equally under all American authority, and without any other designation than, American citizen.

The strength and even existence of a free society comes through the acceptance and nourishment of feelings from a brotherhood of all mankind, a watchful care for each other; A Society where each other is safe in the hands and heart of his neighbor. A place where each other will protect their neighbors (all others) good name, their person, and their property, irregardless of personal differences. Only in this can a people live in true freedom. Only in this can the strength and prosperity of a free people grow. On the contrary, to the degree that we lose this safety in the hands and heart of our neighbor, will grow apathy, doubt and even fear, and bring forth all the weakness of society that will undermine freedom and prosperity.

The founders of our nation had deep insight as to the relationship of freemen to their government. This document is developed and shared with the hope of bringing back the true Spirit of America, and reverse those earlier decisions of 1913, thus uniting to return to our original United States Constitution, for perfect citizen controlled government.

Join in, and spread the word to take a stand. Together we can experience the government as our Constitutional Fathers desired us to have, for a powerful and truly free people.

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