Natural Gas Solution

To Dependence on Foreign Oil


Natural Gas vs. Dependence on Foreign Oil


Drill Baby Drill! - America should use her own oil and natural gas.
by Mary Lou Bruner
March 10, 2011

Natural Gas vs. Dependence on Foreign Oil
Natural Gas vs. Dependence on Foreign Oil
T Boone Pickens
T Boone Pickens
I grew up in Southeast Texas around oil field workers who know and respect T. Boone Pickens.  Though I do not know him personally, I really believe he has the good of the nation at heart. After a brief and expensive experiment with windmills, I believe he is convinced natural gas is the best solution for our energy problem, at least for now. We have enough natural gas right here in the USA to last 100 to 200 years. That should give us enough time to find another source of energy. Once we get service stations and cars equipped to use natural gas we would be set for a very long time. Of course we would have to make unleaded gasoline available until the nation converts to natural gas. It would be a little like it was when we converted from leaded gas to unleaded gasoline.

It is ridiculous that our country is dependent on our enemies for oil products when we have so much oil and natural gas available right here in our own country. Three years ago Obama refused to allow drilling for oil because he said it would take too long to get the wells into production. If our oil men had been allowed to drill then, those wells would be producing by now. Many Americans who are presently unemployed would have good paying jobs in the oil fields. People working for the oil companies would be paying taxes instead of drawing unemployment and welfare checks. The situation in the Middle East could get worse. That crazy dictator from Egypt might destroy all of the oil wells in his country before his people can throw him out. He has already destroyed some of them to demonstrate his power. Without foreign oil the USA would be in a mess because our leaders have forced us to be dependent upon foreigners for our survival. The foreigners can charge America anything they want for their products and we have no choice but to pay whatever they ask.  Many Americans are tired of depending on the goodwill of our enemies.

I am attaching a letter from T. Boone Pickens. Please respond to his survey which he will take to Washington, D. C. Please help Mr. Pickens convince this administration to allow Americans to drill for our own oil and natural gas. If our leaders had common sense, the drilling would already be underway. But since they do not seem to notice there is a problem, we must encourage them to allow Americans to take control of our own destiny.


From the desk of T. Boone Pickens


I was driving home from the office the other day and saw that gasoline is closing in on $4 again - it refocused the issue for me: Here we go again. And it made me mad.

Enough is enough.

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A lot has changed since July 2008 - a new president, a new Congress, an economic meltdown and ongoing recovery. A lot hasn't - $4 gasoline, instability in the Middle East, 100,000s of our troops miles away from home. And our dependence on OPEC oil? Unchanged. As is the $1 billion we spend every day on imported oil.

Are you frustrated? I am - nearly three years later and no action in Washington. And here we are again.

The President in August 2008 said in 10 years we'd be off oil from the Middle East - that was nearly three years ago. Why didn't we act faster? Smarter?

You've heard me talk about the issues and the dangers of our reliance on OPEC oil - now I want to hear from you. Congress may not be listening to you, but I am. And I'll carry your voice to Washington.

Please click on the following link to take my survey:

I want your frank and honest opinion, because I'm taking your voice and your message to Washington.

Enough is enough.

- Boone

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