Jim Pitts

Texas Rainy Day Fund


Jim Pitts Wants $4.3 Billion of YOUR Dollars!


Rep. Jim Pitts
Rep. Jim Pitts

The Governor and House Leadership are at odds over spending the Texas Rainy Day Fund so as to avoid additional spending cuts: Rep. Jim Pitts, Chair of the Texas House Appropriations Committee, said he'll push for a committee vote early next week on a bill to spend $4.3 billion of rainy-day money in the current cycle. That would free up an identical amount to be added to the two-year budget now being drafted, he said.


Pitts dismissed Gov. Rick Perry’s remarks this week that no rainy-day money should be used — or even discussed — until lawmakers do more scrubbing of the budget.


“I don’t see the other options,” Pitts said.


Texas must live within its means – if you agree please let Rep. Pitts know.

Action Item - Sign Petition

Sign the petition to stop Texas from raiding the Rainy Day Fund!(Set up by the NE Tarrant Tea Party)


Hand Deliver a Letter to Rep. Jim Pitts (Free Service by EmpowerTexans)

EmpowerTexans will hand deliver your letters to Representative Jim Pitts. Go to the link below, write your letter stating your opposition to Rep. Pitts' plan to raid the Texas Rainy Day Fund, and EmpowerTexans will hand delivery your letter to Representative Pitts' Austin office by the following business day.

Hand Deliver a Letter to Rep. Jim Pitts

Contact Rep. Jim Pitts via Phone, Online Email Form, or Fax

To contact Rep. Jim Pitts via Online Email Form:

Rep. Pitts Austin Office Phone Number: (512) 463-0516

Rep. Pitts Austin Office Fax Number: (512) 463-1051

District Office in Waxahachie, TX Phone Number: (972) 938-9392

District Office in Waxahachie, TX Fax Number: (972) 937-2842

Conservatives, let Rep. Jim Pitts hear from you today. They ARE hearing from the liberals!

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