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Agenda 21 on the Gulf Coast of Texas


Agenda 21 in Houston and Galveston Texas

A friend of mine recently informed me that the Houston Galveston Council of governments was receiving a grant to implement Agenda 21 projects along the Gulf Coast of Texas. I was not familiar with agenda 21, so I Googled it to see what it was about. Very quickly I learned that Agenda 21 was a plan brought about by the United Nations back in 1992, and then president George HW Bush along with several other countries agreed to participate in its implementation.

The plan spoke of sustainable development. As I read further into the plan I found myself in disagreement with the UN about what sustainable development really meant. While I believe it is our responsibility to be good stewards of the planet, I would disagree with what the UN believes good stewardship is. It appears that the lifestyle enjoyed in the United States, and the ability of our citizens to own and control private property is a threat to maintaining a sustainable world, according to the concerns and guidelines set forth by the UN.

The United States has been and hopefully will remain a blueprint for raising standards of living around the world. Our free-market system has created the greatest most generous nation on earth. Our citizens have been the first to provide help in times of disaster, or with help for those who are just less fortunate to live in such a free and prosperous environment. During our short existence as a nation we have learned how to produce more food, feed hungry people throughout the world, provide vaccines and medical aid to parts of the world who would never see such miracles, but for our caring and compassionate citizens. Our advancements in medical research have allowed not only us, but the entire world to live longer healthier lives. Our highly educated civil engineers have found ways to control our rivers and conserve our waters with reservoirs so we can have clean abundant water for personal use, energy production and irrigation, even in times of severe drought like we are experiencing now. From our very beginning we have been a nation who's made this world a better place to live.

 The United States has been successful in increasing the agricultural production of our land while also becoming a very efficient and responsible industrialized nation. We have eagerly shared our advancements in agriculture and industry with the rest of the world so that they might enjoy the standard of living created by this free and prosperous nation. It would appear to me that the rest of the world should be looking at what we have done as a nation so the land where they live would become as sustainable for their needs, as our country has been for us.

I believe being a Christian nation and receiving God's favor has been the deciding factor in our nation’s success. It is my personal belief that God created a sustainable world that can accommodate as large a population as we humans become. Let's start a conversation with our elected officials and those running for office to find out what they believe about Agenda 21 and how their beliefs align with ours. We need to be sure those we elect to represent us agree with what we believe is sustainable development, and protect us from those dangers and backwards policies of the United Nations.

Rick Andrews
Onalaska Texas
December 1, 2011



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