2011 Federal Budget

Possible Ethics Violations?


2011 Federal Budget - Ethics Violations?


2011 Federal Budget - Should Ethics Investigations be Called?
by Michael Balistreri & Michael Kinzie - April 12, 2011

2011 Federal Budget
2011 Federal Budget Debacle

The 2011 federal budget debacle has raised many questions and concerns across America and not the least of which is why was no federal budget passed for 2011 when the Democrats controlled the House of Representatives, the US Senate, and the presidency? The then Pelosi led House rammed many bills down the throats of Americans, so why not another over-bloated federal budget? Why? Why? Why?

I received an interesting email from a concerned citizen of California, Michael Balistreri, in which he made some very intriguing points. With his permission, I'll let you read his email and then we'll discuss the questions that arise.

“I don't have any political connections but, I am very angry that the previous congress apparently decided that passing a budget was optional.

As I have followed the situation with the 2011 budget, or lack thereof, I have become convinced that what the country is going through is no accident. It is not an over-sight, or a case of, OOPS we forgot...

Instead it is plainly obvious that there was a deliberate, conscious, and willful decision made at the highest levels of the federal government to violate their constitutional duty to fund the operations of the federal government.

I also believe that this cannot be tolerated. It is NOT acceptable and there is absolutely NO EXCUSE that can be made to justify an entire year going by and not one of the appropriation bills was even brought up for a vote on the house floor last year.

First, the Democratic Party had a large majority in both the house and the senate and also had control over the executive branch.

Raise the National Debt Limit? Really?
Raise the National Debt Limit? Really?

Second, I am 100% positive that there were meetings to discuss the budget, which was due on October 1st, 2010. The house budget committee and the house ways and means committee apparently were IN SESSION all year. The White house office of management and budget came to work every day. The president himself is a former member of congress and must have been aware that October 1st 2010 was the end of the fiscal year and a new budget for 2011 needed to be passed.

Finally, I am hereby asking my fellow Americans to DEMAND an investigation into the willful and blatant ABUSE OF POWER, contempt, and total disregard the democratic majority displayed for the privilege and responsibility they were given by the American people.

Since when did financing the federal government become optional for ANY congress? What gives them, in any way shape or form, the nerve to even imagine that being derelict in their constitutional duty would not come without consequences?

I am DEMANDING consequences. There MUST BE a price paid! This cannot be allowed to stand without resignations.

I DEMAND an ethics investigation, subpoenas issued, testimony taken under oath, transcripts of meetings. It may not be illegal, but it is certainly UNETHICAL and the leaders of the Democratic Party in 2010 need to be held accountable, censured publicly, embarrassed, and SHAMED.

Please sir; I don't have any way to pursue this myself as I am just a taxpaying citizen.

Please help me to get more Americans to join me in DEMANDING that these GAMES are stopped and that those who put their own political futures ahead of the country’s future need to be disciplined and shamed publicly at the very least.
Thank you,
Michael V. Balistreri

Well, what do you think? Is it unethical to not do the job you were hired for because it was politically advantageous to not do the job? Are there rules against such behavior? Laws?

Congress so does love their investigations and sticking their nose where it doesn't belong. For example, what did steroid use in professional baseball have to do with Congress? I would say not much, but that “investigation” was a magnificent dog and pony show designed to give politicians the opportunity to express their “righteous indignation” and proclaim that we Americans are better than that.

Let me throw a suggestion out to congress – why not investigate something that actually concerns you, like YOUR JOB? I don't think we'll hear much from the DOJ on this one. I'm also suggesting that the DOJ change its name to the DOSJ, the Department of Selective Justice which would be more apt given their recent history.

Let us know what you think. Should investigations be called? Were there ethics violations? Were there violations of the law? Is this just politics as usual?

Please comment on our Tea Party 911 blog and let us know what you think.

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