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The Luna County Tea Party Patriots - New Mexico

Mission Statement

The impetus for the Tea Party movement is excessive government spending and taxation.  Our mission is to attract, educate, organize, and mobilize our fellow patriots to secure public policy consistent with our three core values of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, and Free Markets.  We wish to re-instill in our leaders Honor, Integrity, and above all Faith in GOD.

Core Values

Fiscal Responsibility

Constitutionally Limited Government

Free Markets

Our Philosophy

Tea Party Patriots as an organization believes in the Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited government, and Free Markets. Tea Party Patriots of Luna County are a non-partisan grassroots organization of individuals united by core values derived from the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America, and the Bill of Rights as explained in the Federalist Papers.

We recognize and support the strength of grassroots organization powered by activism and civic responsibility at a local level.  We hold that the United States is a republic conceived by its architects as a nation whose people were granted “unalienable rights” by our creator.  Chiefly among these are the rights to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

The Tea Party Patriots of Luna County stand with our founders, as heirs to the Republic, to claim our rights and duties which preserve their legacy and our own.  We hold, as did the founders, that there exists an inherent benefit to our country when private property and prosperity are secured by the citizens.



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Tea Party Patriots of Luna County
Address: PO Box 382, Columbus, NM 88029
Phone: (575) 694-2549

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