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Attention Hideaway Citizens,

We are bringing the Hideaway Grassroots site back to life.

We have moved and merged it with Tea Party 911 receives lots of traffic. The site is also being groomed to become the primary site for the East Texas Constitution Alliance. We are working on also increasing it to a statewide tea party and grassroots site. This means you will not only be kept up to date on the things going on at Hideaway but what is going on in other groups in the state. We are in the planning stages of going national with this electronic umbrella of which is now part. As of today the site contains a ton of useful information. A movement has started as an outreach to the Hispanic communities on this site.

I want to use this message to bring you up to date on the East Texas Constitutional Alliance of which Hideaway had a large part of bringing it into being.

The ETXCA now represents over 34 groups in East Texas. ETXCA was started shortly after the Hideaway Grassroots WTP was founded in February, 2009.

We expect to announce a blog site within few days.

We ask you to add our site to your favorite’s links for quick access.

John Tweedell




John Tweedell
Founder Hideaway Grassroots

About Us


CONCEPT - We will operate in a non-descriptive area of northwest Smith County. Non-descriptive as used herein means any person in northwest Smith County can participate in Grassroots America We the People at Hideaway if they so choose—with the understanding that Hideaway is a gated community and they must be cleared to enter by a member of the community.

ACTION PLAN - We will educate and empower the citizenry in the voting process. This process will include the Intent of the Founders of our Nation, the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the Federalist Papers, which explain the thinking of our Founders. We will accomplish this primarily by use of the internet. We will meet as a group on the first and third Thursdays of each month at 6 p.m. The agenda for the first Thursday will be to discuss current issues. The current issues will be presented by the Legislative Action Committee. The third Thursday will be a discussion of our studies. Our studies will be set forth by the Education Committee. We will not align ourselves with any political party. We will learn as much as possible about each candidate and individually vote for those candidates who reflect our core beliefs. Grassroots America We The People at Hideaway will not endorse specific candidates. We will use the internet to provide our group, and others who choose to visit our website, with the core beliefs provided to us by each candidate in our geographic area, provided the candidate will cooperate by replying to the group's questions in an honest manner. We will question each candidate as to his/her beliefs on Core Principles. Core Principles here means those Principles held by our Founders. These questions will be compiled by the group in a meeting held for this purpose. Questions will reflect the Core Principles set forth in "The 5000 Year Leap", "The Proper Role of Government", "The Federalist Papers #1 through #85" and other materials. The reply from the candidate will be posted on this website.



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Grassroots America "We the People"
Contact: John Tweedell
Phone: (903) 539-6786


Join Our Grassroots Texans Mailing List has teamed up with the East Texas Constitution Alliance, Grassroots Texans, and many others to better serve the Tea Party Movement in Texas. Our Communications Director is John Tweedell, founder of Grassroots America in Hideaway, Texas. Our goal is to keep Texans informed on the issues, legislation, and events in the state. We are in the process of upgrading this site so that organizers across the state may easily contribute to this site and forward that information to the voters of Texas. To Join Our Grassroots Texans Mailing List Click Here.


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